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July media!


  • about a hundred more pages of always coming home, ursula k. leguin
  • slice of cherry, dia reeves


  • marceline and the scream queens #1, meredith gran & jen wang
  • adventure time #5, ryan north


  • beasts of the southern wild
  • kill bill vol. 1 (rewatch)
  • the king's speech
  • sunny
  • melancholia

"TV" as aired (or are they) (only one of these actually is just that)

  • adventure time (plus a few rewatches)
  • around the world in 80 plates (last two eps)
  • bob's burgers (seasons 1 and 2)
  • breaking bad
  • design star (finale)
  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood thru ep 34 (minus episode 1 and the clip show)
  • futurama (just "the six million dollar mon" plus rewatches of reincarnation, benderama, and teenage mutant leela's hurdles)
  • gravity falls (all of s1 thusfar)
  • louie (season 2 and the first three eps of s3)
  • luther (rewatch of eps 1-2)
  • political animals (eps 1-2)
  • rocky and bullwinkle (episode 1, rewatch obvs)
  • the lizzie bennet diaries (minus monday's ep)

I used to be like GURL WHAT NO at Rawles and Tropie actually listing each episode individually by number, but I begin to see the wisdom of it. Yeesh.

june media

Jul. 1st, 2012 04:30 pm
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  • snow white & the huntsman
  • brave

  • the end of the scarlet letter
  • the last third of the crimson petal and the white, michel faber
  • adventure time comix 1-4, ryan north
  • (first section of) always coming home, ursula k. le guin

TV as aired except where noted minus omnipresent crime procedurals and of course baseball
  • adventure time + hella rewatches
  • couple more around the world in 80 plateses
  • dance academy - seasons 1 & 2 (technically I watched the last two eps after midnight today)
  • futurama - last quarter of s6
  • hey arnold - "ghost bride/gerald vs. jamie-o"
  • mad men
  • my little pony: friendship is magic - episode one
  • the legend of korra

So, Dance Academy! That's a pretty good show. Australian teens + the high pressure world of professional dance training = basically early Grey's Anatomy-ish vibes (much more tolerable in actual teenagers than supposed adults) + Greek + lots of actual dance. Also, Asian male romantic lead + canon m/m + my current fav fictional girls. Thank u based Netflix Instant. #YULETIDE2012


Jun. 1st, 2012 06:01 pm
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I have a new DW layout and I love it. I love it. I want... to lick it... sh.

Media for May, a month in which I don't quite know what happened but surmise that I spent most of my time working, sleeping, or watching baseball:

  • blackout (mira grant)
  • most of the scarlet letter (nathaniel hawthorne) (reread) (finished today, shrug)
  • about a hundred more pages, the crimson petal and the white (michel faber)

TV that isn't crime procedurals - as aired except where noted
  • adventure time ("princess monster wife" twice and i think there were a couple other rewatches in there somewhere)
  • around the world in 80 plates (first episode + beginning of second before I ODed on obnoxiousness)
  • community
  • futurama ("moebius dick" wow i had no memory whatsoever of watching that thanks list)
  • legend of korra
  • mad men
  • new girl
  • parks and rec
  • scandal (all)

so tired

exits with panache


May. 12th, 2012 05:21 pm
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just added a bunch of people to my mental health filter who I assumed were already on it, as if by magic, which is how I do most things, which might explain a lot about said things.

if you can see the post entitled "they want you or they don't" previous to this one, you're on it!

if you would like to be on it but are not, lemme know.

if you are on it but are made uncomfortable by being on it (it's okay, i know other people's stuff can be triggery or boring), also lemme know.

a+ to everyone involved.

p.s. love meme!
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  • the great gatsby (f. scott fitzgerald) (reread)
  • 446 of 900 pages, the crimson petal and the white (michel faber)

  • paul
  • most of midnight in paris
  • bad teacher
  • game change
  • the descendants
  • pariah

TV as aired except where noted
  • adventure time (minus yesterday's marceline double feature!!!)
  • community ("basic lupine urology" twice)
  • futurama (s6 episodes 4-7)
  • good...christian bitches??? (just one ep to verify that it actually exists and was not a joke twitter was telling)
  • mad men
  • new girl
  • nikita ("rogue" & "origins")
  • parks and recreation
  • the good wife
  • the legend of korra
  • the voice (one and a half elimination eps before i realized i didn't care)
  • young justice (thru season one)

Relevant to yesterday's complaints, long interview with Robert & Michelle King of The Good Wife wherein they half-assedly admit/explain a bunch of the season's faults yet somehow manage to act like they couldn't help it ("it was the situation!" Yes.... the situation that YOU DECIDED UPON AND WROTE, geniuses.) Sideye.

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I actually really liked the finale but I need to complain a little bit about The Good Wife's third season as a whole before I can move on with my life.

btw it's APRIL how are shows ending already wtf )
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I've been thinking about making this post for a while and I guess I should just get it over with already. As Korra begins in earnest, I'm realizing that internet structures as well as my social circles have changed a great deal since the last time I was part of a productive, ongoing, popular fandom. That means a) not all of my old strategies for dealing with fandom are going to work anymore and b) not all my friends know what my deal is. My deal is that I have some non-negotiable fannish limits.

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BOOKS (goodreads)

  • cold magic (kate elliott)
  • the brief wondrous life of oscar wao (junot díaz)
  • first 64 pages of world war z before i ragequit (max brooks)


  • the kids are all right
  • our idiot brother (rewatch)
  • breaking dawn
  • hanna (rewatch)


  • adventure time ("incendium" rewatch)
  • arrested development (s3 rewatch)
  • call the midwife (all)
  • community (as aired)
  • cosmos (first episode)
  • fringe (febuary episodes)
  • mad men (as aired)
  • new girl (as aired)
  • parks and recreation (as aired)
  • project runway all stars (as aired, minus the finale)
  • the colbert report (idk, a few)
  • the crimson petal and the white (final installment)
  • the daily show (idk, a few)
  • the good wife (as aired)
  • the legend of korra (first two episodes) (twice) (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  • the new batman adventures ("girls night out" and "mad love", also the one before them but i was paying like 10% attention)
  • the secret circle (three of the six or so episodes i was behind on because goddamn that show is boring)
  • the voice (all battles)
  • the x-files ("demons")
  • top chef texas finale + reunion
  • young justice (as aired minus yesterday's ep)
Oh, I promised opinions.

Korra: a brief thought on worldbuilding/politics, spoilers for 'Welcome to Republic City' )

And The Hunger Games: not movie related; I'm not even going there )

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Pretty much everybody whose Doctor Who opinions I respect and agree with have come out in a strong voice to condemn... people who wanted the new companion to be a dude. Everything about the choice of new companion is uninspired and problematic and boring, they agree, but ~at least~ it's not a man! Y WOULD U EVEN ZOMG

I take issue with this.

at length )

whatttt is this post, I also have opinions about Korra worldbuilding + politics and lots of Hunger Games grump (STOP TALKING ABOUT BATTLE ROYALE is the logline there, plus my recurrent dissatisfaction that I never wrote a real review of all my issues but ranted them out loud at poor Carrie because she was... in my bedroom at the time) but I accidentally a whole post and now I need to sleep. Damn the wheel of the world. Goodbye 4ever.
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Media consumed in February 2012, a time of great attention span as you will see:

  • from prada to nada - first 40 minutes before i couldn't take it anymore it was so badddd
  • bits of raiders of the lost ark
  • most of office space (rewatch so i'm allowed)
  • moneyball (yes this is the only movie i managed to watch all of and even that is a bit of a stretch because the dvd player won't pause and also i was looking at twitter)
BOOKS (goodreads)
  • goliath (scott westerfeld)
  • parable of the sower (octavia e. butler)
  • parable of the talents (octavia e. butler)
TV not counting the constant backdrop to my life that is NCIS and also Tabatha
  • adventure time (as aired + random rewatches)
  • alcatraz (probs just one ep before i joined parminder nagra in a coma of deep boredom)
  • arrested development (s2 rewatch + a few others)
  • bomb girls (as aired)
  • fringe (as aired minus the most recent three)
  • louie (end of season one)
  • new girl (all of it! and "jess and julia" twice)
  • nikita (as aired minus the most recent two or three)
  • pretty little liars ladyedits
  • project runway all stars (as aired)
  • skins (first three episodes of series six)
  • the colbert report (some, notably the wheat thins segment four times in 24 hours)
  • the crimson petal and the white (middle two episodes. YES IT TAKES THREE MONTHS TO WATCH FOUR EPISODES HERE IN DOOFTOWN)
  • the daily show (some)
  • the good wife (as aired)
  • top chef texas (as aired minus finale)

l o l

Femslash committed in February, too lazy to collate THEY'RE RIGHT THERE ON THE TAG:
  • Deryn/Lilit, Leviathan series
  • Sugar/Agnes, The Crimson Petal and the White
  • Astrid/Astrid, Fringe
  • Fionna/Bubblegum (art), Adventure Time
  • Marceline/Bubblegum (art), Adventure Time
  • Betty/Gladys, Bomb Girls
  • Ann/Elizabeth, Parks & Rec
  • and this beginning scrap of Jess/Julia, New Girl that wishes it could grow into a real story if only its writer were a writer and not a floppy jelly person with no focus or organization or drive:

361 words )

So that is... 3059 words in six fandoms and four complete ficlets plus two maybe-wips. headdesk. FEMSLASHUARY, EVERYBODY. #ITSAPROCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welllll, I don't really know. This story is part of a much longer and collaborative-with-[personal profile] tropiavera 'verse, I think, but I'm not sure how to go about making such a thing. For now I'm just gonna settle on doing it piecemeal WIP-style, and nothing counts for real until I put it on AO3. Yes?

Parks and Recreation, Ann/Elizabeth (Leslie's ex campaign manager)
continued from this, at the request of [personal profile] aphrodite_mine

G, ~440 more words )
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I've been unproductive these last two days. It's like Femslashuary means nothing at all! No good, no good.

So when I watched the Bomb Girls finale FINALLY and this came, I had to do its bidding. No other choice. Not in good conscience.

Betty/Gladys, Bomb Girls (spoilers thru 1.06)
warning: infidelity? i guess?

PG, 702 words )
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After writing for the first three days of Femslashuary and feeling pressured to produce something postable before midnight, I decided to shift my goals a little bit to include a) fanart and b) process. So this is actually something I started months ago, as a thank you to Imogen for helping me with something, and worked on coloring over the past three days.

Adventure Time, Marceline/Bubblegum

totes safe for work art under the cut )

P.S. If you're not familiar with the canon, this 11 minute episode is all you need to see (to understand this art, anyway. I recommend the show!)
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This was a really quick one (midnight cometh). I might come back and try again later.

Astrid(/Astrid), Fringe (spoilers thru tonight's ep)

G, 236 words )
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Can I have my Cunnilingus Avengers badge now?

Sugar/Agnes, The Crimson Petal and the White (mini) (have seen thru ep 2 at the time of writing)
tw for oblique reference to past sexual assault & an eating disorder

~explicit, 741 words )
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Putting this here for now because after 12 comics and everything else today, editing this and making tagging decisions on AO3 sounds *really hard*.

Deryn/Lilit, Goliath (au canon insert)

PG, 565 words )
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 I was scared to do this in the past because then everybody would know how little of a life I have. But then I decided... uh... who cares.

BOOKS (goodreads)

  • the suspicions of mr whicher (kate summerscale)
  • the little stranger (sarah waters)
  • leviathan (scott westerfeld)
  • behemoth (scott westerfeld)


  • that thing you do! (rewatch)
  • we need to talk about kevin
  • bridesmaids (rewatch)

TV not counting the constant backdrop to my life that is NCIS

  • adventure time (new eps mostly)
  • alcatraz (up to date)
  • bomb girls (up to date)
  • fringe (up to date)
  • futurama (second half of season five)
  • house of lies (first two episodes)
  • lost girl (up to date)
  • louie (most of season one)
  • nikita (up to date)
  • parks and recreation (up to date)
  • project runway all stars (up to date)
  • revenge (up to date)
  • the colbert report (idk, some)
  • the crimson petal and the white (first episode)
  • the daily show (idk, some)
  • the fades (middle two episodes)
  • the good wife (up to date)
  • the increasingly poor decisions of todd margaret (series one)
  • top chef texas (up to date)
In addition to being the first day of Femslashuary, today is Hourly Comics Day, which I decided I would do last night for no better reason than [personal profile] peripeteia INCREDIBLY GENEROUSLY gifted me with a tablet. So I'm posting those on twitter. My regular tabletings will go at my drawing blog, for which I also welcome prompts because lol this learning curve. HOW DO I ART? We just don't know.
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It has come to my attention that writing is hard, and I am not very good at it. In particular, what I lack is the ability to conceive of entire stories, with beginnings, middles, and ends. (Maybe even... outlines?! Glob save me.) Plot and action elude me on a level so basic that it is embarrassing. This Yuletide stretched me to my limit and left me feeling that with more time, I might have been able to make it into more of Story, but that has yet to be proven and requires the seed of a story TO prove it. 

It has also come to my attention that 90% of my shippy feelings lately are about femslash (and the other 10% is about an f/f/m OT3), so I really need to commit myself to writing it for reals.

Now, there are lots of other things I need to work on, writingwise. Like, either I should be writing to my strengths (humor, dialogue, sekrit emotional depth) more or flexing the things I always wanna write but suspect I kind of fail at (solemn dramz, action, explicit sex, linearity). I need to consider what my frequent themes are (emotional trauma/abuse, female sexuality and onanism as characterization) and what do to about that (????). And I just don't know how to go about any of this. 


but while I flounder about and butt my head against walls hopefully, I've decided to give myself a challenge: Femslashuary! A month in which I write femslash every day. It is like Drabblevember, I guess, except I don't want to stop at 100 words -- I want to write fics that are as long as they are, and gather the courage to attempt to even continue them further the next day if it seems called for. ?!

I made a starter spreadsheet of some pairings I feel like I might want to write! (grey means "actually probably not but they're my favs so I feel bad leaving them off this list"; blue is "het pairings made better through the magic of genderswap"; *s indicate I may or may not wish to involve these pairings in larger configurations involving dudes and their penises)

You are invited to look at it, and if you have any shower me with suggestions or prompts or feelings explosions with me to aid me on my quest!

Also to write (or fanart?) your own month of femslorsh, if you want!

Are we gonna do this thing? Possibly perhaps we are! Pom poms! Go team! Et cetera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. IDK if I will post said fic to here, to reflect its mutable exercise-ish nature, or on AO3, to be all shiny and stuff. It is... a mystery. Huh. Sorry.
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So, one time I was super sick and for some reason the only thing I could manage was to hold my head at a certain angle on [personal profile] lodessa's couch and write Annie/Jeff porn, and then when I was well again I didn't want to look at it. Then months later, I was once again marooned on the same couch and wrote the other half of the fic. And then months later after that I remembered it and looked and was like, "Jesus this is basically an entire fic minus a few goofy parenthetical asides that I should probably edit out, I will definitely clean it up and post it soon."

And that was a year ago because...of...reasons. (There are literally no reasons for any of this. Including why I chose tonight to finally finish it.)

Despite everything, here we are with two years between today and that fateful flu-ridden night, and

Erotic Hermeneutics of Failure (2119 words) by faviconTrisB
Fandom: Community
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger
Characters: Jeff Winger, Annie Edison
Summary: Her first attempt at sober and well-lit sex with an adult who she likes and it sucked.

is a thing that exists.

Let us never speak of this again.

P.S. Also I've written a couple of Trek drabbles, about Keiko and Winn respectively, that I am probably willing to speak of again. And they are on AO3 also. Woo.


Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:33 pm
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Yuletide was, as always, intensely difficult in its own special way and ultimately very rewarding. I received THREE (excellently written and tailored to my desires) full-length fics! Y'all jealous.

TWO (!!!!!!!) fics for my request of I Think Emma Woodhouse is Kinda Gay:

Love and Longing by Lysimache, in which Emma falls for an OFC who is delightfully realized and I kind of love also.
Discordancy by Rosedark, which is sexy and tense and to my great joy makes Emma/Jane Fairfax be a thing, AND THEN SOME.

and one for my flaily Dianecentric-but-really-I-love-everyone Twin Peaks request:


*except of course the other greatest fic ever written, The Ivory Horn by kaydeefalls, which I received for Yuletide 2007.


What I wrote was a Hey Arnold! story about Helga and her feelings and also Arnold called Stay and See (What Becomes of Us). Yikes. I can't claim to be entirely happy with this fic, as I know it could use easily a couple thousand more words, but these last two months being what they were, I did what I could. Which was mainly "listen to a lot of Thao and a little Miles" and also "cry at Mem and Mer and Patrick and Imry about it" and most alarmingly "write one last scene on Christmas Eve when Mem told me I needed it even though I had already gotten celebratorily drunk" plus "rewrite and edit through my sobered up exhaustion until an hour before the archive went live"; but I'm left feeling kind of excited by the growth I think that comes with those thousands unwritten words. Because without a deadline cutting me off, I think I might actually write them next time around? (sudden frysquint at self accidentally mirroring Helga/Arnold in the story with my own relationship with writing) Uhhh. Anyway. THAT HAPPENED.

Probably my last LJ entry before bahleetion, woo! SO LONG, FAREWELL, AUF WIEDERSEHEN, ETC.

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