May. 12th, 2012 05:21 pm
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just added a bunch of people to my mental health filter who I assumed were already on it, as if by magic, which is how I do most things, which might explain a lot about said things.

if you can see the post entitled "they want you or they don't" previous to this one, you're on it!

if you would like to be on it but are not, lemme know.

if you are on it but are made uncomfortable by being on it (it's okay, i know other people's stuff can be triggery or boring), also lemme know.

a+ to everyone involved.

p.s. love meme!
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- off I go, apparently
- subscribe to any future fic
- future dw/lj posting: outlook not so good
- future dw/lj reading: concentrate and ask again; contact via email/IM/telegram if you need to be sure
- the key is under the welcome mat, make yourself at home.
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[please do not link on newsletters etc.]

I'm thinking a bit about the exchange rate. Not of money, but of actors -- and actresses -- in roles.

on making mad men chromatic: not really about the show )

on genderswapping dexter: also not really about the show, but a little bit spoilery )

I don't know where I'm going with this.

And I don't know if other people's experiences doing casting memes are anything like mine. The chromatic casting meme did start in the world of comics, not 1960s Madison Avenue. And probably most other shows have less explicitly gendered violence. Maybe I'm just drawn to doing this with extremely ill-suited sources.

Or maybe the swap should become a standard writing tool to test the strength of your characters and your anti-fail. If these roles look wrong on any other axis, maybe your role needs a kick in the ass. I'm not saying that any specific context should be interchangeable with any other. We do need stories about race and disability and rape and gender. But what is the story SUPPOSED to be about? Why should it be? What's slipping right by without notice?

Who in the exchange rate is getting shortchanged?
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Happy spring, North Hemisphereans! Happy healthcare reform, USians! Happy allergies, me!

I've gained a whole bevy of new subscribers from the friending meme (all of whom I have followed back!), and will probably be adding a bunch more, and have realized that in the absence of a very active journal, DW-listed interests, or a bio beyond a single line from Peter Pan (though it counts for a lot. I do have a Peter tattoo.) I am accidentally mysterious! So here's an INTERNET MEME to better introduce myself? (I guess you could also read this thing.) Brilliant.

I think this basically reveals me to be a finicky curmudgeonface, which is not inaccurate. )

OMG I can has the Alexander McQueen pink heart peeptoes! For $110 dollars! I know I don't actually wear heels and I especially don't wear 5" heels that don't go with anything I own, but... Alexander McQueen pink heart peeptoes. When I turned thirteen I gave myself the gift of vegetarianism; surely when I am turning twenty-six the appropriate thing to do is to buy some hot pink leather wholesale probably-knockoff shoes from questionable sources online?! Especially since I can't have my tattoo? IMPECCABLE BIRTHDAY LOGIC. (Hahahaa omg there are pictures of Taylor Momsen wearing them*. Wretchedness, thy name is every single thing about this.)

* which I would link to, but LJ then marks my post as spam and refuses to crosspost! I know Taylor Momsen is somewhat disturbing, but I'm pissed. Because what I needed was another reason to be irritated with LJ.

ETA: DUUUUDE check out this Tumblr mosaic machine! That is pure awesome, right there.
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So I've been feeling really out of sorts with LJ and the whole practice of it lately. This stifled boring feeling has been going on for really, a lot longer than just "lately", and in scopes way more real-lifey, too. But it's mutated to a particularly bottlenecked feeling in these last few months where I am constantly full of ideas I have that I just have no idea how to communicate in words, or no energy to give them reasonable context, which is why I turn to the visual medium of Tumblr for expression, and I'm really grateful for that. But I am overwhelmingly a verbal person. I process thoughts and emotions only by putting them into words; I repeat sentiments over and over fumbling for the perfect phrase that will set an idea free; my thoughts are not only usually based in words, but have an actual letter component to them. (Oft-used example: names are all spelling to me, not pronunciation. Once I know that I will never confuse your name with another that sounds the name but is spelled differently. I know people named Carrie, Kerry, Keri, and Kari, and am barely conscious of the possibility that one might consider them variants on the same name.)

I'm already going in weird directions with this.

But I think my point is that at a certain point I have to give up the ghost on communicating verbally the way I think I should -- the way my mental muscle memory wants to -- because I do have things to say, and I do have lots of thoughts, and it's fucking frustrating. I said before that I was going to commit to doing more off-the-cuff posts. I think what I also need to do is acknowledge that LJ is dying for me. Part the site, part the company, and part (my interaction with) the culture; I'm turning twenty-fucking-six in one week and I'm tired of having one more thing to be weird and anxious about. When, if you didn't know, I'm already dealing with depression and anxiety big time right now, and have been running on spoons vapors in a rather ridiculous way. I'm doing what I can now to be a little better, and I am feeling better enough to write this, and if it's not true to me emotionally till I verbalize it... well, here you go! Momentum, please.


Anyway, have some words about some things!

Dreamwidth and the search for e-home )

Lady Gaga, Beyonce, intersectionality, artistic expectations, kitchen sinks )

Yuletide and post-fandom fandom )

Hence this ridiculous post! Which... I am tired of writing, now. MORE (PERHAPS) LATER!!** Maybe now I will tackle that friending meme or comments backlog. Miracles occasionally happen.

** though this may be dependent on a successful trip to the Genius Bar tomorrow. Wish me & Cameron luck! D:

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