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Amy Ponds of the 99% ([personal profile] allchildren) wrote2012-05-01 03:40 pm
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april medialog

  • the great gatsby (f. scott fitzgerald) (reread)
  • 446 of 900 pages, the crimson petal and the white (michel faber)

  • paul
  • most of midnight in paris
  • bad teacher
  • game change
  • the descendants
  • pariah

TV as aired except where noted
  • adventure time (minus yesterday's marceline double feature!!!)
  • community ("basic lupine urology" twice)
  • futurama (s6 episodes 4-7)
  • good...christian bitches??? (just one ep to verify that it actually exists and was not a joke twitter was telling)
  • mad men
  • new girl
  • nikita ("rogue" & "origins")
  • parks and recreation
  • the good wife
  • the legend of korra
  • the voice (one and a half elimination eps before i realized i didn't care)
  • young justice (thru season one)

Relevant to yesterday's complaints, long interview with Robert & Michelle King of The Good Wife wherein they half-assedly admit/explain a bunch of the season's faults yet somehow manage to act like they couldn't help it ("it was the situation!" Yes.... the situation that YOU DECIDED UPON AND WROTE, geniuses.) Sideye.

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