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It seems that my words are currently in an off phase, BIG CHANGE I KNOW, but I must break my silence if only to inform you all that there is a fest for fic about trans characters just starting and I AM EXCITE. So far I've prompted the following:

- HIMYM, Ted/Mother (oh unnecessary canon transphobia! all you have ever managed to convince me is that Ted should fall for a lady who "used to be a dude" and she is the best mom ever. Also Robin is egg donor. Headcanon until contradicted.)
- Skins, Franky/Mini because Franky is into people, and Franky is people, and Mini is into Franky, and we called it Minky, and it was good.
- Gotham Girls, Detective Selma Reesedale has like the least exciting secret ever when compared to the people she runs with in the police department alone. Besties with Montoya, y/y? Also, I feel she should probably have suspicions about Barbara Gordon. I really feel a lot of ways about DC ladies. *bites lip*

And I'm just getting started, so, you know, ... you should also ... ... ... start.

P.S. Beautiful Daughters is a short but lovely documentary about an all-trans staging of The Vagina Monologues, and it's on Netflix Instant. I just watched it. ;____;
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Hey guys, I'm auctioning off a fanmix (my most recent is LOST/GIRLS but here are my older ones!) and a meta* post, each for any fandom/topic of your choice, at BOTH [community profile] help_japan and [livejournal.com profile] help_japan. So yes, this means I'm actually offering two of each.

Meta auction on LJ / Meta auction on DW

Fanmix auction at LJ / Fanmix auction at DW

* "meta" in the loosest sense of the world -- it can be one of my typical rambles, or for a paying customer I would be willing to go more linear/formal. Random examples of things I think about include: Black Swan, Edgar Degas, ballet, and the male gaze; I'm Not There's criticism of Bob Dylan; why Bashir is the worst character on DS9; why my hatred of Lost doesn't stop me from almost admiring its finale; Fringe and abuse; everything ever wrt Mad Men; fictional geekdom; etc. etc. etc. But those are just examples of thoughts I have already developed mentally -- I offer with the intention and willingness to tackle the subject of your choice.

In other news I have NOT FORGOT the IWD fic requests; they are just on the back burner till I get purimgifts sorted. Also, watch more Lost Girl. I have no excuse, but whatever. Bisexual lady-buddies supernatural detective hijinks. Your argument is invalid.
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First, a slightly belated exhortation slash enthusiastic recommendation:

[livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch! A GROUP DEDICATED TO THE RE-OR-FIRST-TIME-EVER-WATCHING OF THE VERY BEST TREK, DEEP SPACE NINE! People who should definitely participate in this: the Doofpire Amry, Meredith, Ariel, everyone who enjoys awesomeness. People who should definitely not participate in this: everyone who hates awesomeness. (If you are worried about acquiring the series: maybe just join the comm, and, uh, *clears throat*. Or ask me!)

Why is DS9 so great, you ask? Well, here is a handy-dandy intro post that I did not make, but heartily approve of. And here is a picspam of one-shot and recurring female characters that I did make, and am pretty okay with. But perhaps you have no patience for clicking on things and looking at pictures! FINE, be that way.

have some words instead! )

[livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch is still only on the second episode, so there is plenty of time to catch up, and I haven't really been participating myself yet, but I do hope to. (Their discussion posts in particular excite me, since when I marathoned the show in 2009 I was doing it solo and didn't really have any way to process it with others.) SO LIKE

LET'S ALL DO THAT. (Even if we form our own little splinter group. Which I would be utterly okay with.)

And now, interview questions! One set from someone who has known me a long time, and one from somebody who has not, which I think makes for a nice balance.

From [livejournal.com profile] emilytheodd:

concerning beer and punk rock, mostly )

And from [livejournal.com profile] elle_white:

concerning art and people and feelings, I guess )

If you would like questions *and actually intend to answer them* I will give you some.
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I'm not currently reading fic, and I did not participate (either in organizing or writing), but regardless I am super fucking pumped about [livejournal.com profile] where_no_woman's New Year's Fic Exchange, which went live today. There are THREE stories featuring Guinan (ugh, so excited; if this were starting again today I would have to join so I could request Guinan/Picard backstory fic, I rewatched "Time's Arrow" last month and I need to knoooow)!! TWO Jadzia Dax femslash fics (be still my ships-Jadzia-with-everyone* heart)! And of course all manner of things featuring AOS/TOS ladies both famous and obscure.

WNW is my baby, the thing I am most proud of having made in fandom (and to everyone I've seen say they wished there was an equivalent in their fandom: make one. please. do it.), but I've mostly been a silent partner for a good while now. It runs because of the members who joined and the other mods who make stuff like this happen on a regular basis. All women in Star Trek, all the time. What could be awesomer? How could I be prouder?

You guys rock. <3

* where everyone is taken to mean Sisko, Lenara, Worf, Spock, Uhura, and accepting offers elsewhere

P.S. lolol my clipboard. First attempt to cut and paste the WNW collection link instead resulted in this:

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A few weeks ago a friend mentioned wanting to go back and rewrite a couple fics that she felt had really missed the mark. My first thought was the sad lesson of George Lucas -- surely he has taught us all the value of leaving it the fuck alone? But I was also intrigued in a way to do it better. We do DVD commentaries on our fics, right? We do fic-art big bangs where the one inspires the other. We allow others to remix our work. Why not remix our own work?

No. Why not remaster our own work?

Of course, remastering is old news to vidders, and I've seen iconmakers do it too, though not under that name. Why not fic too? Why not fanmixes? Hell, any fannish work. I think we've all done things that we later realized were flawed in ways we actually did know how to fix. With remastering, we're not pretending that the original piece never existed. We acknowledge that we tried and made something to the best of our ability. The old work will still exist as it was. We're simply applying the transformative principles of fandom to something we ourselves made.

Aw, hell. [community profile] remaster_thyself. This is why I should never be left alone and unsupervised, for the record.

(Unrelated: I have three DW invites, if anyone needs one.)
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All the good will NBC gained by giving me Parks & Rec and Community, and indifferent will gotten during the great Not Giving a Shit About Late Night period has been lost. LOST! Not only are they presenting ALL of the Olympics on a three-hour tape delay on the West Coast (you know, the same coast where they're taking place) but today apparently Dick Ebersol decided to make us eat our vegetables watch biathlon rather than women's snowboard cross. Which SHOULD IT EVER AIR will surely be mixed in with men's figure skating so neither receives the coverage it deserves. >:(

Mine is a potent mixture of anger, pining, and fear of internet spoilers. (ETA: well that lasted another 15 minutes before my fear came true! downgrade mood from "okay" to "stewing in impotent rage")

Women's hockey turned out to be pretty badass, though. Girls being rough in bulky clothes: pretty hot! I-it turns out.

IN NON-HATEY NEWS, however, y'all should know that prompts are now collected for the taking at WNW's Intergalactic Women's Day Mini-Ficathon. There are 111 prompts for 27 women who appeared in Star Trek up for the claiming! You can choose your own due date! And the length requirement is only 300 words, SO if you would like to contribute a little ladyness to fandom, or are looking for a low-pressure project that won't break the creative bank, have I ever got the fic challenge for you!




Feb. 9th, 2010 05:29 pm
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Now collecting prompts for EVERY SINGLE CHICK in Star Trek XI! Yes, the mothers, the extras, and Nyota too! You don't have to be a member! Crack allowed! Go nuts!

Make me proud, bbs.

mon pays

Jan. 14th, 2010 08:52 am
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Hay guys. I'm offering my multifannish services via [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, starting at the low low price of THREE BUCKS. Services include META, 400+ words of FIC, a ~*~FANMIX~*~, and my mad BETA skillz, for auction here! (ETA: those commas are AND, not OR. I'll do one of each if the demand is there.)

I do plan to donate directly through Partners in Health, but while this is going I'm gonna see if I can buy a vid.

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