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I'm thinking a bit about the exchange rate. Not of money, but of actors -- and actresses -- in roles.

on making mad men chromatic: not really about the show )

on genderswapping dexter: also not really about the show, but a little bit spoilery )

I don't know where I'm going with this.

And I don't know if other people's experiences doing casting memes are anything like mine. The chromatic casting meme did start in the world of comics, not 1960s Madison Avenue. And probably most other shows have less explicitly gendered violence. Maybe I'm just drawn to doing this with extremely ill-suited sources.

Or maybe the swap should become a standard writing tool to test the strength of your characters and your anti-fail. If these roles look wrong on any other axis, maybe your role needs a kick in the ass. I'm not saying that any specific context should be interchangeable with any other. We do need stories about race and disability and rape and gender. But what is the story SUPPOSED to be about? Why should it be? What's slipping right by without notice?

Who in the exchange rate is getting shortchanged?
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I recently read Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed, and now I am disappointed in all other things because it is becoming clear to me that over the last two or three years I've developed an affliction with regards to fiction that is gradually rendering me a gibbering mass of contrariness.

I believe Homer Simpson best summed my issue up with his timeless epigram, "Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems." Only in my case we will swap out beer (which causes me no problems other than in its sad dearth) for "rich people."

here I go, talking about everything again )

ironic icon choice is ironic (oh eleven, ilu but don't think i wouldn't put you in the pandorica myself, i mean really)
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After my first year of Yuletide (wherein I defaulted, and then ended up writing the pinch hit for the assignment I defaulted on), I have been determined to never be that silly again, but 2009 and 2010 Yuletide were both much, much more challenging than that first year, which just goes to show you that, uh ... writing is hard? I'm good at finding new ways to make Yuletide way harder for myself than it should be? #ITSAPROCESS?

And still for some reason I persevere! My story this year was Sincerely, Cindi. (Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae)

And now, I would like to discuss my Yuletide ~process. Seriously. Not even the fic. I barely talk about the actual finished fic. This is like nine thousand words on just the fucking process.


this may seem wordy now, but later you will miss it. you will miss my sweet brevity. )

Finally: An Assignment!

research and robofeminism and philosophy and theology and oh my god she's not going to shut up, is she??? )

But hey, maybe I'll write a robofeminist antiracist postcolonialist dissertation one of these days after all! OR MAYBE THIS GIANT, GIANT ENTRY SHALL HAVE TO SUFFICE

You know... consuming a drink that contained caffeinated soda was perhaps not the smartest choice I made last night. I don't know. It is possible.
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I wish I could have posted after watching yesterday. That would have been better.

I was really apprehensive about "Vincent and the Doctor" because not only do the topics of depression and suicide hit extremely close to home, but I also, in my less dropout-y youth, planned on becoming an art historian.

this is at least as much about things that aren't doctor who as things that are )
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HAHA OKAY EXTREME JUMBLE ALERT. And I haven't made a pure TV reaction post for like a year and a half. BUT YOU GUYS I AM JUST FEELING SO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW I NEED AN OUTLET

community )

parks and rec )

Yeah, I said like a month ago I was going to try more off the cuff posting, and that hasn't happened so this is what I'm managing instead. Pretend each one of these gets at least one paragraph and I will elucidate as demand ... demands:

- Boston Rob is magical
- defriending amnesty! no seriously though go for it
- HBO pitch for Ancient Egyptian historical drama, featuring genderfucked lady pharoah!
- omgzzz KStew/DFann, if I shake the internet enough WILL FIC FALL OUT
- should I offer another fanmix for help_chile and/or con-or-bust? please advise
- p.s. I'm crazy
- duuuuude I am so obsessed with Romulans it's kinda sad really
- LJ finds yet another way to fail anew!!!
- and is it just me or is HIMYM basically congealed human suffering these days? :(

those are but a few of my cuffs. *goes and brushes 'em off*

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