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BOOKS (goodreads)

  • cold magic (kate elliott)
  • the brief wondrous life of oscar wao (junot díaz)
  • first 64 pages of world war z before i ragequit (max brooks)


  • the kids are all right
  • our idiot brother (rewatch)
  • breaking dawn
  • hanna (rewatch)


  • adventure time ("incendium" rewatch)
  • arrested development (s3 rewatch)
  • call the midwife (all)
  • community (as aired)
  • cosmos (first episode)
  • fringe (febuary episodes)
  • mad men (as aired)
  • new girl (as aired)
  • parks and recreation (as aired)
  • project runway all stars (as aired, minus the finale)
  • the colbert report (idk, a few)
  • the crimson petal and the white (final installment)
  • the daily show (idk, a few)
  • the good wife (as aired)
  • the legend of korra (first two episodes) (twice) (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  • the new batman adventures ("girls night out" and "mad love", also the one before them but i was paying like 10% attention)
  • the secret circle (three of the six or so episodes i was behind on because goddamn that show is boring)
  • the voice (all battles)
  • the x-files ("demons")
  • top chef texas finale + reunion
  • young justice (as aired minus yesterday's ep)
Oh, I promised opinions.

Korra: a brief thought on worldbuilding/politics, spoilers for 'Welcome to Republic City' )

And The Hunger Games: not movie related; I'm not even going there )

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1. Fun, involved novels of any genre (other than straight up romance) that feature a happy(ish)-ending lesbian relationship. See also: Fingersmith.

2. Feminist nonfiction, preferably sans heavy academic jargon, that examines how femininity is treated/demonized/subject to internalized misogyny by women/feminists/society at large. See also: Whipping Girl.

2b. Feminist nonfiction, preferably sans heavy academic jargon, that discusses/defines the (queer) femme identity and how it relates to/diverges from superficial/commercial trappings.

3. The books of any genre (special interests: nonfiction, sci-fi) that you personally think are great and entertaining and important to have read. (Obviously, if you know my tastes feel free to make specific me-ward recs!) No, really. I recently read a mediocre book and it honestly made me cranky. Why am I wasting time and money on a mediocre book? I live in a great world. Greatness only need apply.

This is probably a bad time to be asking, but maybe you will be bored on Monday morning and come back to me. I would love to hear from you.

PS: I am currently privileging marginalized voices in my reading over straight white cis dude ones, but will consider those if they are saying something special.

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