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First, a slightly belated exhortation slash enthusiastic recommendation:

[ profile] ds9_rewatch! A GROUP DEDICATED TO THE RE-OR-FIRST-TIME-EVER-WATCHING OF THE VERY BEST TREK, DEEP SPACE NINE! People who should definitely participate in this: the Doofpire Amry, Meredith, Ariel, everyone who enjoys awesomeness. People who should definitely not participate in this: everyone who hates awesomeness. (If you are worried about acquiring the series: maybe just join the comm, and, uh, *clears throat*. Or ask me!)

Why is DS9 so great, you ask? Well, here is a handy-dandy intro post that I did not make, but heartily approve of. And here is a picspam of one-shot and recurring female characters that I did make, and am pretty okay with. But perhaps you have no patience for clicking on things and looking at pictures! FINE, be that way.

have some words instead! )

[ profile] ds9_rewatch is still only on the second episode, so there is plenty of time to catch up, and I haven't really been participating myself yet, but I do hope to. (Their discussion posts in particular excite me, since when I marathoned the show in 2009 I was doing it solo and didn't really have any way to process it with others.) SO LIKE

LET'S ALL DO THAT. (Even if we form our own little splinter group. Which I would be utterly okay with.)

And now, interview questions! One set from someone who has known me a long time, and one from somebody who has not, which I think makes for a nice balance.

From [ profile] emilytheodd:

concerning beer and punk rock, mostly )

And from [ profile] elle_white:

concerning art and people and feelings, I guess )

If you would like questions *and actually intend to answer them* I will give you some.

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