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When I first entered fandom properly in early 2004, my focus was on Harry Potter. This lasted only a bit over a year, as after HBP came out in summer 2005 I realized I could not deal with that fandom anymore, but it was my formative fandom for better or worse (hint: worse), and also probably my most ambitious fandom ever. By which I mean, it was a fandom that made me think ambitiously, with such a big chewy world to work with. And check it: while working on mad theories (I mean, I was involved in Knight2King, guyz. The crackpot theory so convincing JKR had to compliment it even as she debunked it!) and vastly overestimating the narrative complexity of a series that was ultimately far more straightforward than I hoped it would be, I *also* managed to be a massive, if un-party-line-toeing Harry/Luna shipper.

If you didn't know because you're new to all this: Luna Lovegood is at times my favorite person ever in the universe. "Fictional" be damned!

So anyway, here are some HP stories that I never wrote, but I wanted to (all before book six came out):

common themes include Harry, Luna, Hermione, and me being kinda wack. )

Here's what I had for that last one. Warning for implicit violence and widespread character death.

if you read my lj SIX YEARS AGO, you may remember this. )

And the answer: perhaps a bit of a letdown )

Most of my best stories only ever reached "might have been." Oh, remember VM AU S2? Still my fav (no bus crash! no supervillainy that makes me die of hate forever and ever amen! canon Logan/Weevil!). And currently I'm working on a post-"Born to Run" SCC "movie" with [personal profile] metalheart. It's a bizarre kind of life, this imaginary stories method. But maybe it's teaching me something anyway. Maybe someday I can pass the savings on... to you??
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Once upon a time -- after "Victory of the Daleks," I think -- I decided it was time for Amy and the Doctor to do the sex, and wrote some of that. BUT my thoughts were still percolating and I wasn't ready to finish my fic, so I let in marinate and LO AND BEHOLD Moff goes and introduces some very unignorable canon on precisely that topic. Bother, said I! Now if I don't want my fic to be Jossed or AU, I have to address this canon. You know, a couple of paragraphs of banter and we're through.

...1413 words later, here's a scene that, all things considered, I doubt I will ever use. (Note that I am NOT amnestying the actual sexytiems scence, mwahaha.) And so! Enjoy, internet?

Written and set post-"Flesh and Stone," in dogged pursuit of Amy/Eleven, PG.

she wasn't thinking of something quite so long term. )

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