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My sweet beleaguered Yuletide writer, I write to you at last! I can't apologize enough for the delay; my brain hasn't been working too well lately. Let me stress again that you are amazing, there is no actual way you could make something out of these requests that I don't adore, and above all I hope that you write the story that you want to write. Stories need conviction, not compliance. I also want to apologize for screwing up with my original "letter" as I think I made it seem more pregnant than it really should have been -- although my requests WERE rushed and brief by my wordy-ass standards, I have no twists to spring on you and I don't have a lot to add to what are basically open-ended prompts. More than anything this letter is just a collection of information, links, and supplemental material that you might find useful (and if you don't work that way, then please feel free to disregard it!). And if you wanted to and had time, you could mine a lot more general information from any of the following although you should absolutely not feel obligated to:

my DW/LJ (these two tags especially deal heavily with my ~feelings~ and priorities regarding fiction)
my tumblr, which lately is mostly fashion but is fully searchable and is pretty well tagged for fannish stuff
my fic, the most recent of which is at AO3 along with some old favorites, and my entire back catalogue at delicious

AND MANY MORE! But it is December so Imma try not to overwhelm you with links to stuff you can find if for some reason you wish to.

I've had an epiphany, and that's that really, everything boils down to one simple value - NUANCE. Absolutes are fucking boring, as well as unknown in nature. Maybe this is what drives me to consider the reasoning of villains, seek the dark side of heroes, and cherish the cracks in a perfect veneer -- the universe is much too complex for me to be interested in obviousness and black-or-white.

that said, here are some specific squicks and loves )

All my requests include characters of color, and while I hope that doesn't change anything for you or the story, I do ask that you treat those aspects with awareness.

AND NOW! Request time!!

Parks and Rec )

Scott Pilgrim )

The Vampire Diaries )

Community RPF )

THAT IS IT. I'm so, so, so sorry you had to wait this long -- I realize it's pretty anticlimactic! I hope I haven't royally screwed you over and I really do mean it that I will be delighted with whatever you deliver! Merry Happy, sweet Yuleperson. <3

tris b.

[Special thanks to M. for her help with this letter. Seriously, guys, ISSUES.]
[Slightly modified from original form which included a link to a locked post. doh]

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