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  1. hipsters in space ruined my life
  2. so I wrote fic about them doin it
  3. but then they kissed on the show so I had to write more fic explaining how they got from the show to the fic
  4. then I was like buhh??? because lol what is cut and paste and also a plot how do I make this be a story what is anything why are typeing
  5. so I posted the pre-sex post-kiss bit in defeat
  6. and forgot about all of it for two years
  7. then shared it with my fellow life-ruinees
  8. and one of them asked me to post the other part
so Jessica and Gillian p much, this is for you I'M SORRY I'm sorry these things just sort of happen

I wrote this 2.5 years ago I take no responsibility for anything

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Pretty much everybody whose Doctor Who opinions I respect and agree with have come out in a strong voice to condemn... people who wanted the new companion to be a dude. Everything about the choice of new companion is uninspired and problematic and boring, they agree, but ~at least~ it's not a man! Y WOULD U EVEN ZOMG

I take issue with this.

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whatttt is this post, I also have opinions about Korra worldbuilding + politics and lots of Hunger Games grump (STOP TALKING ABOUT BATTLE ROYALE is the logline there, plus my recurrent dissatisfaction that I never wrote a real review of all my issues but ranted them out loud at poor Carrie because she was... in my bedroom at the time) but I accidentally a whole post and now I need to sleep. Damn the wheel of the world. Goodbye 4ever.
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I just need all of this in one place. So here, have a feelings collage. Doctor Who. )
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Once upon a time -- after "Victory of the Daleks," I think -- I decided it was time for Amy and the Doctor to do the sex, and wrote some of that. BUT my thoughts were still percolating and I wasn't ready to finish my fic, so I let in marinate and LO AND BEHOLD Moff goes and introduces some very unignorable canon on precisely that topic. Bother, said I! Now if I don't want my fic to be Jossed or AU, I have to address this canon. You know, a couple of paragraphs of banter and we're through.

...1413 words later, here's a scene that, all things considered, I doubt I will ever use. (Note that I am NOT amnestying the actual sexytiems scence, mwahaha.) And so! Enjoy, internet?

Written and set post-"Flesh and Stone," in dogged pursuit of Amy/Eleven, PG.

she wasn't thinking of something quite so long term. )
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I wish I could have posted after watching yesterday. That would have been better.

I was really apprehensive about "Vincent and the Doctor" because not only do the topics of depression and suicide hit extremely close to home, but I also, in my less dropout-y youth, planned on becoming an art historian.

this is at least as much about things that aren't doctor who as things that are )
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Before I forget, writing group people, I'm about to make an intro post at [community profile] wordsout. LJ users, you can comment with OpenId or anonymously (just sign your comment).

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Eleven, you are the Doctor of me. Matt Smith's face, you are the boss of me.


I feel unbearably repetitive when I go on about how unexpected this all is. It is -- loving Who again, loving Eleven over Nine, loving Matt Smith's face over all other faces -- but what else is new. Shit happens and we've gone from "ha ha footface" to "I want to go to there" in a matter of days. I find it difficult to discuss in words beyond "faaaaaaaaaaaace," but I woke up wanting to talk calmly about him and the episode, so here we are. SENTENCES and PARAGRAPHS, expletive deleteds. You're not even going to see any other capslock except at the end where I assure you I had no choice! What is this!

On Eleven and the Vampires of Venice )
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I sing a song of Doctor Who and a fuckload of feelings:

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