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Pretty much everybody whose Doctor Who opinions I respect and agree with have come out in a strong voice to condemn... people who wanted the new companion to be a dude. Everything about the choice of new companion is uninspired and problematic and boring, they agree, but ~at least~ it's not a man! Y WOULD U EVEN ZOMG

I take issue with this.

at length )

whatttt is this post, I also have opinions about Korra worldbuilding + politics and lots of Hunger Games grump (STOP TALKING ABOUT BATTLE ROYALE is the logline there, plus my recurrent dissatisfaction that I never wrote a real review of all my issues but ranted them out loud at poor Carrie because she was... in my bedroom at the time) but I accidentally a whole post and now I need to sleep. Damn the wheel of the world. Goodbye 4ever.
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After my first year of Yuletide (wherein I defaulted, and then ended up writing the pinch hit for the assignment I defaulted on), I have been determined to never be that silly again, but 2009 and 2010 Yuletide were both much, much more challenging than that first year, which just goes to show you that, uh ... writing is hard? I'm good at finding new ways to make Yuletide way harder for myself than it should be? #ITSAPROCESS?

And still for some reason I persevere! My story this year was Sincerely, Cindi. (Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae)

And now, I would like to discuss my Yuletide ~process. Seriously. Not even the fic. I barely talk about the actual finished fic. This is like nine thousand words on just the fucking process.


this may seem wordy now, but later you will miss it. you will miss my sweet brevity. )

Finally: An Assignment!

research and robofeminism and philosophy and theology and oh my god she's not going to shut up, is she??? )

But hey, maybe I'll write a robofeminist antiracist postcolonialist dissertation one of these days after all! OR MAYBE THIS GIANT, GIANT ENTRY SHALL HAVE TO SUFFICE

You know... consuming a drink that contained caffeinated soda was perhaps not the smartest choice I made last night. I don't know. It is possible.

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