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  1. hipsters in space ruined my life
  2. so I wrote fic about them doin it
  3. but then they kissed on the show so I had to write more fic explaining how they got from the show to the fic
  4. then I was like buhh??? because lol what is cut and paste and also a plot how do I make this be a story what is anything why are typeing
  5. so I posted the pre-sex post-kiss bit in defeat
  6. and forgot about all of it for two years
  7. then shared it with my fellow life-ruinees
  8. and one of them asked me to post the other part
so Jessica and Gillian p much, this is for you I'M SORRY I'm sorry these things just sort of happen

I wrote this 2.5 years ago I take no responsibility for anything

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Welllll, I don't really know. This story is part of a much longer and collaborative-with-[personal profile] tropiavera 'verse, I think, but I'm not sure how to go about making such a thing. For now I'm just gonna settle on doing it piecemeal WIP-style, and nothing counts for real until I put it on AO3. Yes?

Parks and Recreation, Ann/Elizabeth (Leslie's ex campaign manager)
continued from this, at the request of [personal profile] aphrodite_mine

G, ~440 more words )
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I've been unproductive these last two days. It's like Femslashuary means nothing at all! No good, no good.

So when I watched the Bomb Girls finale FINALLY and this came, I had to do its bidding. No other choice. Not in good conscience.

Betty/Gladys, Bomb Girls (spoilers thru 1.06)
warning: infidelity? i guess?

PG, 702 words )
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This was a really quick one (midnight cometh). I might come back and try again later.

Astrid(/Astrid), Fringe (spoilers thru tonight's ep)

G, 236 words )
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Can I have my Cunnilingus Avengers badge now?

Sugar/Agnes, The Crimson Petal and the White (mini) (have seen thru ep 2 at the time of writing)
tw for oblique reference to past sexual assault & an eating disorder

~explicit, 741 words )
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Putting this here for now because after 12 comics and everything else today, editing this and making tagging decisions on AO3 sounds *really hard*.

Deryn/Lilit, Goliath (au canon insert)

PG, 565 words )
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So, one time I was super sick and for some reason the only thing I could manage was to hold my head at a certain angle on [personal profile] lodessa's couch and write Annie/Jeff porn, and then when I was well again I didn't want to look at it. Then months later, I was once again marooned on the same couch and wrote the other half of the fic. And then months later after that I remembered it and looked and was like, "Jesus this is basically an entire fic minus a few goofy parenthetical asides that I should probably edit out, I will definitely clean it up and post it soon."

And that was a year ago because...of...reasons. (There are literally no reasons for any of this. Including why I chose tonight to finally finish it.)

Despite everything, here we are with two years between today and that fateful flu-ridden night, and

Erotic Hermeneutics of Failure (2119 words) by faviconTrisB
Fandom: Community
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger
Characters: Jeff Winger, Annie Edison
Summary: Her first attempt at sober and well-lit sex with an adult who she likes and it sucked.

is a thing that exists.

Let us never speak of this again.

P.S. Also I've written a couple of Trek drabbles, about Keiko and Winn respectively, that I am probably willing to speak of again. And they are on AO3 also. Woo.


Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:33 pm
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Yuletide was, as always, intensely difficult in its own special way and ultimately very rewarding. I received THREE (excellently written and tailored to my desires) full-length fics! Y'all jealous.

TWO (!!!!!!!) fics for my request of I Think Emma Woodhouse is Kinda Gay:

Love and Longing by Lysimache, in which Emma falls for an OFC who is delightfully realized and I kind of love also.
Discordancy by Rosedark, which is sexy and tense and to my great joy makes Emma/Jane Fairfax be a thing, AND THEN SOME.

and one for my flaily Dianecentric-but-really-I-love-everyone Twin Peaks request:


*except of course the other greatest fic ever written, The Ivory Horn by kaydeefalls, which I received for Yuletide 2007.


What I wrote was a Hey Arnold! story about Helga and her feelings and also Arnold called Stay and See (What Becomes of Us). Yikes. I can't claim to be entirely happy with this fic, as I know it could use easily a couple thousand more words, but these last two months being what they were, I did what I could. Which was mainly "listen to a lot of Thao and a little Miles" and also "cry at Mem and Mer and Patrick and Imry about it" and most alarmingly "write one last scene on Christmas Eve when Mem told me I needed it even though I had already gotten celebratorily drunk" plus "rewrite and edit through my sobered up exhaustion until an hour before the archive went live"; but I'm left feeling kind of excited by the growth I think that comes with those thousands unwritten words. Because without a deadline cutting me off, I think I might actually write them next time around? (sudden frysquint at self accidentally mirroring Helga/Arnold in the story with my own relationship with writing) Uhhh. Anyway. THAT HAPPENED.

Probably my last LJ entry before bahleetion, woo! SO LONG, FAREWELL, AUF WIEDERSEHEN, ETC.
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After my first year of Yuletide (wherein I defaulted, and then ended up writing the pinch hit for the assignment I defaulted on), I have been determined to never be that silly again, but 2009 and 2010 Yuletide were both much, much more challenging than that first year, which just goes to show you that, uh ... writing is hard? I'm good at finding new ways to make Yuletide way harder for myself than it should be? #ITSAPROCESS?

And still for some reason I persevere! My story this year was Sincerely, Cindi. (Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae)

And now, I would like to discuss my Yuletide ~process. Seriously. Not even the fic. I barely talk about the actual finished fic. This is like nine thousand words on just the fucking process.


this may seem wordy now, but later you will miss it. you will miss my sweet brevity. )

Finally: An Assignment!

research and robofeminism and philosophy and theology and oh my god she's not going to shut up, is she??? )

But hey, maybe I'll write a robofeminist antiracist postcolonialist dissertation one of these days after all! OR MAYBE THIS GIANT, GIANT ENTRY SHALL HAVE TO SUFFICE

You know... consuming a drink that contained caffeinated soda was perhaps not the smartest choice I made last night. I don't know. It is possible.
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Five songs meme, recipe doubled! [personal profile] eumelia gave me L; let me know if you want a letter. My highly scientific method of choosing consists of scrolling through iTunes until I see a song that makes my face go from :| to :>, then narrowing that list through sheer feels-right-iness. Songs are on for her pleasure.

Larry Williams - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

In my early to mid teens I was obsessed with Pleasantville, both movie & soundtrack. (I've never had a CD stolen by my parents more than this one.) For getting teenagers into 50s blues and rock, not to mention jazz, I salute thee.

Lily Allen - LDN

2006! A sunny year in my memory; one in which I did indeed ride my bike through the city although not because the filth took away my license. This song, and by extension Lily Allen herself, has always cracked me up. She's so cheery about the lies and shittiness beneath the happy shiny exterior and I can respect that.

Flight of the Conchords feat. Rhys Darby - Leggy Blonde

Whilst not up to the level of my very fav FotC songs, "Bowie" and "Tape," this is certainly a memorable one. I am particularly fond of all the diegetic office sounds (scissors! tape! staplers!) and all the lyrics. Allll the lyrics.

Asa Taccone feat. Chester Tam - Let's Get Married

OKAY this is a song whose context I don't entirely understand, but it came into my possession last year when [personal profile] logicandlove was reminded of it by my insightful Jim/Bones icon comment "LET'S GET MARRIED" and sent it to me. I guess it was recorded as a wedding present by the brother of one of the Lonely Island guys? A-and it's lolarious and strangely fitting for that pairing? That's what I know.

Also, this first half o' songs has been pretty goofy. Second half, not so much.

Neko Case & the Sadies - Lion's Jaws

This is a song of feeling some things and powerlessness and quite possibly sociopath/good girl otp.

[song redacted due to personal issues; related post forthcoming]

The White Stripes - Little Room

A bangy song about creativity. Quick, name something better.

Tilly and the Wall - Lost Girls

For obvious reasons.

Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero/No Limit

This song is the 20th most played track in my iTunes library. Also, the theme song of a fic that for some reason I keep not finishing! What's with THAT, me?

TV on the Radio - Lover's Day

You know what love songs need more of? Cannibalism metaphors. BUT DON'T EVEN WORRY BOUT IT, cuz TVotR has you covered. Seriously, though, this song is wonderful and manages to be sweet, lusty, and celebratory all at once.

In other news:

I write like Stephen King? (I got him on a bunch of entries. Second runner up: Mark Twain.)

There's a neat ficathon called Festibility going on, and while IDK if I'll be able to produce anything new for it, I submit my old fics stationary plumes of molten material (ATLA; Toph Bei Fong; set post-series but written mid-S2) and when I get to the doorway (Terminator; Sarah Connor; specifically post-T2 but compatible with SCC canon) for pieces about suggested characters, which both deal with how they perceive the world and negotiate their (dis)abilities.

And speaking of SCC, guess what is my all-time favorite live action show and guess what I'm rewatching? GO ON, GUESS. Connor-Reese clan, my heart belongs to you. ♥_______♥
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When I first entered fandom properly in early 2004, my focus was on Harry Potter. This lasted only a bit over a year, as after HBP came out in summer 2005 I realized I could not deal with that fandom anymore, but it was my formative fandom for better or worse (hint: worse), and also probably my most ambitious fandom ever. By which I mean, it was a fandom that made me think ambitiously, with such a big chewy world to work with. And check it: while working on mad theories (I mean, I was involved in Knight2King, guyz. The crackpot theory so convincing JKR had to compliment it even as she debunked it!) and vastly overestimating the narrative complexity of a series that was ultimately far more straightforward than I hoped it would be, I *also* managed to be a massive, if un-party-line-toeing Harry/Luna shipper.

If you didn't know because you're new to all this: Luna Lovegood is at times my favorite person ever in the universe. "Fictional" be damned!

So anyway, here are some HP stories that I never wrote, but I wanted to (all before book six came out):

common themes include Harry, Luna, Hermione, and me being kinda wack. )

Here's what I had for that last one. Warning for implicit violence and widespread character death.

if you read my lj SIX YEARS AGO, you may remember this. )

And the answer: perhaps a bit of a letdown )

Most of my best stories only ever reached "might have been." Oh, remember VM AU S2? Still my fav (no bus crash! no supervillainy that makes me die of hate forever and ever amen! canon Logan/Weevil!). And currently I'm working on a post-"Born to Run" SCC "movie" with [personal profile] metalheart. It's a bizarre kind of life, this imaginary stories method. But maybe it's teaching me something anyway. Maybe someday I can pass the savings on... to you??
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Once upon a time -- after "Victory of the Daleks," I think -- I decided it was time for Amy and the Doctor to do the sex, and wrote some of that. BUT my thoughts were still percolating and I wasn't ready to finish my fic, so I let in marinate and LO AND BEHOLD Moff goes and introduces some very unignorable canon on precisely that topic. Bother, said I! Now if I don't want my fic to be Jossed or AU, I have to address this canon. You know, a couple of paragraphs of banter and we're through.

...1413 words later, here's a scene that, all things considered, I doubt I will ever use. (Note that I am NOT amnestying the actual sexytiems scence, mwahaha.) And so! Enjoy, internet?

Written and set post-"Flesh and Stone," in dogged pursuit of Amy/Eleven, PG.

she wasn't thinking of something quite so long term. )
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I wish I could have posted after watching yesterday. That would have been better.

I was really apprehensive about "Vincent and the Doctor" because not only do the topics of depression and suicide hit extremely close to home, but I also, in my less dropout-y youth, planned on becoming an art historian.

this is at least as much about things that aren't doctor who as things that are )
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Happy 26th birthday to TWO of my world's favorite people, yon [ profile] pathstotread and thither [personal profile] lodessa. I LOVE YOU GUYS. HAVE SOME LIES. (NB written for Carrie's request specifically, but, you know how it is with the love and sharement thereof. You heard me. SHAREMENT.)

Matt and Karen, 500 words, what are titles I know not of what you speak. S-sharement. PG. )
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This entry is a whole lotta very personal tl;dr about seeing myself in fictional characters and sorting through those reactions and how I process fiction and emotions. Contains: self-description (ugh), reflections on my jerkiness and anxiety, self-indulgent biases. Does not contain: real meta, a conclusion, or proof-reading, or perspective whatsoever.

navel-gazing tangentially concerning james t kirk, nyota uhura, britta perry, and naomi campbell. )
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Three go-rounds with Dreamwidth's native posting was quite enough for me; I don't know how people compose anything in web boxes. Now testing out iJournal!

Anyhoo, now that I'm all Yuletided and DID NOT EVEN DEFAULT or anything, it's retrospective time! Here are the fics I wrote in 2009:

Hand Against Hand, And - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John (/Cameron)
Perfection is Possible - TSCC, Weaver family
Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura - Star Trek XI, Jim & Nyota & Spock
Of Punishing Light (the hell in their mouths remix) - Battlestar Galactica, Kara/Lee
A Brief Discourse on the Benefits of Gravity - STXI, Joanna McCoy
Rain Shadow - STXI, Amanda Grayson
Before/After/Before - STXI, Jocelyn & Joanna
Meliboea - STXI, Winona Kirk

2009 fic survey )

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