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Hello frenz! This is a friendly reminder that [community profile] help_japan's auction closes tonight/tomorrow (if my time zone conversion is correct, at 5 a.m. Pacific). My auction for META currently stands at £10, but my fanmix auction currently has NO BIDS!


You guys, I don't want to hoot my own horn, but I do want to raise money for Japan so I guess I actually do: I make boss fanmixes. I overthink the shit out of these things. I am thematic as fuck. I truck with hidden tracks and double-sided albums. You will never find Coldplay on a fanmix of mine, nor will you see a cliched or un-anti-aliased font on the cover. You might find obscure Bjork covers or remixes, though! I've been fiddling with unpublished playlists for His Dark Materials, Princess Tutu, and Doctor Who for years. Among some others, uh, for starters. Last chance to bid.

My LJ auctions still both have a week to go but word to the wise: because the currency there is in dollars not pounds, they are cheaper, and somebody please for the love of god OUTBID [ profile] toastandtea NOOOO MARINA NOOOO I WAS JUST USING IT AS AN EXAMPLE NOOOOOO


In exciting news: first day of Purimgifts! I very sadly had to default, but I somehow lucked out into receiving a Parks and Rec story about Ann playing Esther in a Purim play opposite Ben's evil vizier, so, you know, THAT'S AMAZING. Oh my gosh what will tomorrow bring!!


I know the world's scary-fucked-up right now, but if you have any good thoughts to spare on Monday, could you send them my way? There's a thing, and I can't talk about the thing, but suffice it to say it's either this or the untimely end of Milhouse. Luck is seriously needed. Aaaand breathe.
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Name a woman in one of my fandoms* and I will attempt a drabble about her.

(More prompty-prompts are also welcome.)

*I'm feeling particularly inclined towards Skins gen 3, Fringe, Star Trek, Narnia, Downton Abbey, Tangled, ATLA, and old fashioned books, but I'll at least consider anything you think I know.

Meanwhile, I desperately need to update my icons. CLEANING HOUSE.

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