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Happy 26th birthday to TWO of my world's favorite people, yon [ profile] pathstotread and thither [personal profile] lodessa. I LOVE YOU GUYS. HAVE SOME LIES. (NB written for Carrie's request specifically, but, you know how it is with the love and sharement thereof. You heard me. SHAREMENT.)

Matt and Karen, 500 words, what are titles I know not of what you speak. S-sharement. PG. )
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Dear internet,

Why is love so hard? Why do I struggle with new love? It doesn't make sense. I am an INFP. THE F IS FOR FUCKIN' FEELINGS. But every so often along comes a love (and with it feeeeelings) that seems to defy my ability to process it. So, being me, I make up terms for it. I pretend it is a disease and it is my private joke with myself about how I am such a doofus who lives on feelings yet REJECTS THEM and then I am like Beast at the end of Disney's BATB with feelings shooting out of my toes. Also my face. What a doofus! What a way to go.

It is not that I do not want the love. I do. But it is just a lot, you guys.

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I am like that douche in American Beauty right now. IDEK.

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