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Five songs meme, recipe doubled! [personal profile] eumelia gave me L; let me know if you want a letter. My highly scientific method of choosing consists of scrolling through iTunes until I see a song that makes my face go from :| to :>, then narrowing that list through sheer feels-right-iness. Songs are on for her pleasure.

Larry Williams - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

In my early to mid teens I was obsessed with Pleasantville, both movie & soundtrack. (I've never had a CD stolen by my parents more than this one.) For getting teenagers into 50s blues and rock, not to mention jazz, I salute thee.

Lily Allen - LDN

2006! A sunny year in my memory; one in which I did indeed ride my bike through the city although not because the filth took away my license. This song, and by extension Lily Allen herself, has always cracked me up. She's so cheery about the lies and shittiness beneath the happy shiny exterior and I can respect that.

Flight of the Conchords feat. Rhys Darby - Leggy Blonde

Whilst not up to the level of my very fav FotC songs, "Bowie" and "Tape," this is certainly a memorable one. I am particularly fond of all the diegetic office sounds (scissors! tape! staplers!) and all the lyrics. Allll the lyrics.

Asa Taccone feat. Chester Tam - Let's Get Married

OKAY this is a song whose context I don't entirely understand, but it came into my possession last year when [personal profile] logicandlove was reminded of it by my insightful Jim/Bones icon comment "LET'S GET MARRIED" and sent it to me. I guess it was recorded as a wedding present by the brother of one of the Lonely Island guys? A-and it's lolarious and strangely fitting for that pairing? That's what I know.

Also, this first half o' songs has been pretty goofy. Second half, not so much.

Neko Case & the Sadies - Lion's Jaws

This is a song of feeling some things and powerlessness and quite possibly sociopath/good girl otp.

[song redacted due to personal issues; related post forthcoming]

The White Stripes - Little Room

A bangy song about creativity. Quick, name something better.

Tilly and the Wall - Lost Girls

For obvious reasons.

Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero/No Limit

This song is the 20th most played track in my iTunes library. Also, the theme song of a fic that for some reason I keep not finishing! What's with THAT, me?

TV on the Radio - Lover's Day

You know what love songs need more of? Cannibalism metaphors. BUT DON'T EVEN WORRY BOUT IT, cuz TVotR has you covered. Seriously, though, this song is wonderful and manages to be sweet, lusty, and celebratory all at once.

In other news:

I write like Stephen King? (I got him on a bunch of entries. Second runner up: Mark Twain.)

There's a neat ficathon called Festibility going on, and while IDK if I'll be able to produce anything new for it, I submit my old fics stationary plumes of molten material (ATLA; Toph Bei Fong; set post-series but written mid-S2) and when I get to the doorway (Terminator; Sarah Connor; specifically post-T2 but compatible with SCC canon) for pieces about suggested characters, which both deal with how they perceive the world and negotiate their (dis)abilities.

And speaking of SCC, guess what is my all-time favorite live action show and guess what I'm rewatching? GO ON, GUESS. Connor-Reese clan, my heart belongs to you. ♥_______♥
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HELLO. It's, uh, Music Wednesday! And rather than sharing any of the many recent things I've seen people squeeing about, I am going to take a sharp right and present you with

Robyn - Body Talk pt. 1

Robyn is a Swedish pop singer with a predilection for robosexuality and hip-hop influences. She writes her own songs! They're all mostly about being awesome while the peeps around her are jerks! I have just gotten into her previous album and find her super fucking adorable! And this just leaked, so, ENJOY~

P.S. My intro Robyn song, "Fembot," is on this but in a different form than the original track which was released a little while ago, so here's that too because I prefer it. ETA: Also, The Girl and the Robot.

P.P.S. I am the laziest mod in the entire internet but Where No Woman ficathon prompting (for all Trek ladies in all Trek canons) ends tomorrow! For reals. And still no Lizzen prompts, cry!

P.P.P.S. Aaaaand I just unrelatedly uploaded Joanna Newsom's first two albums for [personal profile] sophia_helix, so here are The Milk-Eyed Mender & (one of my top ten albums of all time) Ys.
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Ah, life! Is full of things! Things like dog infections, and new phones, and movies, and music, and books, and OBSESSING OVER HIPSTER WHO OMG, and Los Gigantes! And too goddamn many appointments with healthcare professionals! Hence today's schedule which is full of "being lazy." And jumbled multi-everything posts.

- First, here's Where No Woman's new drabblefest for which I did the prompts! (I had to wait five months to post that set, no lie). You should come play! Also maybe take this poll about the ficathon we're doing.

Additionally, I put out a call for AO3 and/or Dreamwidth advisors for future WNW endeavors -- I do dream of someday moving the comm over although that won't happen without lots of planning and consultation with all involved, and I just don't have the energy to figure it all out myself -- and thought I'd mention it here too! I am in fact ALSO looking for possible partners in crime for the radical Star Trek politics comm dedicated to NON-HUMANS, which is currently sitting empty at [community profile] oldlifeoldcivilizations, in time for 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth, so if you are interested in subverting either Trek ladies or Trek aliens in the world of open-source, please do give me a shout.

- All this reminds me that [personal profile] lodessa got me Star Trek Online for my birfday (joy!!!!!) and I can't play it because my HD won't Boot Camp (DESPAIR). ;__;

- Sandals. Do you wear sandals? I live in a wet-winter climate and my dog is an adventuresome kind of dog, so right when the rains began this winter I had this uncharacteristic flash of practicality and bought some nice rubber wellies that enabled me to keep up with Rue through all the muddy bogs she so loves. NOW it is spring, sun and warmth are starting to be a thing, and the sad Californian truth is, I am offended on a deep personal level when forced to wear socks. But the only sandals I've ever had were Birkenstocks in my crunchier youth (which later became extremely uncomfortable) and these FloJo flipflops I've been rocking for ten years. I am thinking about getting some practical, nice-looking, walk-worthy sandals.

This is difficult because my feet are kinda faily! I need serious arch support, and I have bunions which means individual toe loops tend to... miss my big toe completely. I would also very much prefer any sandals to be ethically sourced and not leather, and I'm prepared to spend a bit because I think good shoes are generally worth it. Where have you found sandals success? I feel not like myself asking this?

- Per [personal profile] wordsatourbacks's request: a zip of 44 Liz Phair rareties!

brief liz talk )
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I promised [ profile] meredyd I would upload some music for her, and I HAVEN'T YET, because I am a bum! So here. (BTW, I say it every time: join [ profile] indie_exchange. Invaluable resource u guyz. So is, btw, for individual tracks.)

Meredith specifically requested b-sides/rare stuff from Regina Spektor and Arcade Fire, and I meant to expand on that, but I wasn't sure quite how to do it. So instead I just nerded really hard on these two artists!

HERE is zip of 27 rare Regina tracks, which includes:

- the Live at Bull Moose EP
- the Live in California EP
- Begin to Hope iTunes bonus tracks
- the White Sessions (includes "Bobbing for Apples" aka "someone next door is fucking to one of my songs")
- two live versions of "Reginasaurus" because they're both cute
- "Little Boxes" from Weeds
- "The Call" from Prince Caspian
- "Baby Jesus" live from a concert I attended :D
- really excellent cover of "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" which I had some guy rip from internet radio for me
- and more!!1

I didn't include any legit albums, cuz they're pretty easy to find and also the thing is, the first...four each have a few different songs and a lot of the same ones, so it's hard to choose. But I have them all so if you need halp, I can do zat.

And ditto for Arcade Fire, 35 tracks, which includes:

- self-titled EP aka "Us Kids Know"
- 8 tracks from something that is SUPPOSEDLY 18 rareties but I only gots 8 of 'em
- live radio session feat. mostly Neon Bible songs
- "Winter for a Year" aka my Susan Pevensie song of endless weeps
- "Cold Wind" from the Six Feet Under OST
- two different versions of "Maps" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
- THREE different versions of "Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)" (Talking Heads cover) (one of which is really fuzzy but features David Actual Byrne!) (I REALLY LOVE THAT SONG OKAY? LIKE IF I GET MARRIED IT WILL BE MY FIRST DANCE LOVE IT. So you get three.)
- covers of "Born on a Train" and "Guns of Brixton"
- and more!!!1

It does NOT include Miroir Noir or the instrumental "Burning Bridges" because I accidentally deleted my copy; it also does not include the so-called Christmas Album because so ardent is my AF enthusiasm that the file with it was too big for Mediafire. And it's mostly just noodling anyway without much musical merit. Also just be warned that the labeling on a lot of these is a little whack.

SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE SEEN BUT A SMALL SLICE OF MY MUSIC NERDERY (let's just act chill since nobody asked to see my collection of Liz Phair or Bjork rareties), I bid thee goodnight, internets! And also if you have any other musical requests/desire for recs, let me know! I-I kind of like music. A little bit.
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Yay, I finished something for [ profile] help_haiti! For her donation [ profile] latropita requested a fanmix for the lost girls: the female vampires of The Vampire Diaries. Fanmixes are something I take so seriously I almost never finish them (hahaha, I wish I were kidding) so this was a special project, for many reasons.

Lost/Girls: art and an hour of music under the cut! Also many meta-ish words. )

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