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the robot falls in love. true story.

Five songs meme, recipe doubled! [personal profile] eumelia gave me L; let me know if you want a letter. My highly scientific method of choosing consists of scrolling through iTunes until I see a song that makes my face go from :| to :>, then narrowing that list through sheer feels-right-iness. Songs are on for her pleasure.

Larry Williams - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

In my early to mid teens I was obsessed with Pleasantville, both movie & soundtrack. (I've never had a CD stolen by my parents more than this one.) For getting teenagers into 50s blues and rock, not to mention jazz, I salute thee.

Lily Allen - LDN

2006! A sunny year in my memory; one in which I did indeed ride my bike through the city although not because the filth took away my license. This song, and by extension Lily Allen herself, has always cracked me up. She's so cheery about the lies and shittiness beneath the happy shiny exterior and I can respect that.

Flight of the Conchords feat. Rhys Darby - Leggy Blonde

Whilst not up to the level of my very fav FotC songs, "Bowie" and "Tape," this is certainly a memorable one. I am particularly fond of all the diegetic office sounds (scissors! tape! staplers!) and all the lyrics. Allll the lyrics.

Asa Taccone feat. Chester Tam - Let's Get Married

OKAY this is a song whose context I don't entirely understand, but it came into my possession last year when [personal profile] logicandlove was reminded of it by my insightful Jim/Bones icon comment "LET'S GET MARRIED" and sent it to me. I guess it was recorded as a wedding present by the brother of one of the Lonely Island guys? A-and it's lolarious and strangely fitting for that pairing? That's what I know.

Also, this first half o' songs has been pretty goofy. Second half, not so much.

Neko Case & the Sadies - Lion's Jaws

This is a song of feeling some things and powerlessness and quite possibly sociopath/good girl otp.

[song redacted due to personal issues; related post forthcoming]

The White Stripes - Little Room

A bangy song about creativity. Quick, name something better.

Tilly and the Wall - Lost Girls

For obvious reasons.

Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero/No Limit

This song is the 20th most played track in my iTunes library. Also, the theme song of a fic that for some reason I keep not finishing! What's with THAT, me?

TV on the Radio - Lover's Day

You know what love songs need more of? Cannibalism metaphors. BUT DON'T EVEN WORRY BOUT IT, cuz TVotR has you covered. Seriously, though, this song is wonderful and manages to be sweet, lusty, and celebratory all at once.

In other news:

I write like Stephen King? (I got him on a bunch of entries. Second runner up: Mark Twain.)

There's a neat ficathon called Festibility going on, and while IDK if I'll be able to produce anything new for it, I submit my old fics stationary plumes of molten material (ATLA; Toph Bei Fong; set post-series but written mid-S2) and when I get to the doorway (Terminator; Sarah Connor; specifically post-T2 but compatible with SCC canon) for pieces about suggested characters, which both deal with how they perceive the world and negotiate their (dis)abilities.

And speaking of SCC, guess what is my all-time favorite live action show and guess what I'm rewatching? GO ON, GUESS. Connor-Reese clan, my heart belongs to you. ♥_______♥

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