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1. God, I just can't stand medialogging. I don't mind keeping track for myself so much, but formatting it and posting it somehow sucks out my soul. Which is too bad because I like HAVING medialogged. December, which I could never bring myself to bother with:

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In January the important thing is, I watched two more Ghiblis (Whisper of the Heart and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind). And racked up several dollars in library fines. These two items are related. Anyway, why make a medialog when I can make a babblelog, like so--

2. I subjected myself, for reasons of science and/or boredom, to ye olde Girls (season one). Meta dickishness aside (and meta dickishness is something I am trying to keep from entering my discussion of anything new I walked uphill both ways on that road when I was a BSG child and I am tired), it is just your average show about obnoxious straight white ppl, of which there are thousands. It could even be something insightful about sheltered straight white ppl learning what a world they actually live in and grappling with what that means, like a continuation of Lindsay's story on Freaks and Geeks (another show about straight white ppl, also produced by Judd Apatow, with the same mom-actress in fact) but then it's like lol nm bye

3. this was secretly a segue so I could announce that I loved Allison Williams on The Mindy Project. I have really enjoyed the past three episodes of The Mindy Project. I love TR Knight on The Good Wife too! i'm really glad he didn't cease to exist or collapse into a puddle of ex-george o'malley mush. TGW: getting good again?? maybe?? someday??? KALINDA????? please

5. I enjoyed the last two PNRs more than I have enjoyed PNR in a while. I enjoy next week's episode title, "Ann's Decision" ... that she is gay!!!

6. BomB GIrls: I can't type I'm sick. I tried "Bomg" like five times right there. Betty McRae though!!, Kate your storyline will never make sense this show is better than last year but it's still basically kinda bad, all Corbetts and Gladii are assholes but I like Vera's storyline.

7. Elementary is back!!!!!
8. NEW GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Concerning The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, many problems - meta dickishness most firmly aside.

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