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Welllll, I don't really know. This story is part of a much longer and collaborative-with-[personal profile] tropiavera 'verse, I think, but I'm not sure how to go about making such a thing. For now I'm just gonna settle on doing it piecemeal WIP-style, and nothing counts for real until I put it on AO3. Yes?

Parks and Recreation, Ann/Elizabeth (Leslie's ex campaign manager)
continued from this, at the request of [personal profile] aphrodite_mine

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Spoiler space between cuts! Also, a coupla gifs because hours have passed now and uhhh it was important okay.

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HAHA OKAY EXTREME JUMBLE ALERT. And I haven't made a pure TV reaction post for like a year and a half. BUT YOU GUYS I AM JUST FEELING SO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW I NEED AN OUTLET

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Yeah, I said like a month ago I was going to try more off the cuff posting, and that hasn't happened so this is what I'm managing instead. Pretend each one of these gets at least one paragraph and I will elucidate as demand ... demands:

- Boston Rob is magical
- defriending amnesty! no seriously though go for it
- HBO pitch for Ancient Egyptian historical drama, featuring genderfucked lady pharoah!
- omgzzz KStew/DFann, if I shake the internet enough WILL FIC FALL OUT
- should I offer another fanmix for help_chile and/or con-or-bust? please advise
- p.s. I'm crazy
- duuuuude I am so obsessed with Romulans it's kinda sad really
- LJ finds yet another way to fail anew!!!
- and is it just me or is HIMYM basically congealed human suffering these days? :(

those are but a few of my cuffs. *goes and brushes 'em off*

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