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1. Oh, you guys. It's summer finally. Summer. This spring was an extra dose of winter; I have SAD; I'm so happy that it's summer now, I can't even. I know, red hair and freckles and sunburns, I know -- don't care. I was built for this. I can't stand socks. I can't stand high restrictive necks, and long sleeves bother me. I can't even really stand jeans. Now is the time when I get to wear short skirts and sleeveless low-cut tops and sandals every day. Now is the time when cut for food triggers ) Now is the time when I actually have energy levels approaching that of normal humans. I want to lie on the (cold, rocky, windy) beach and roll around; I want to ride my bike; I want the Giants to play as beautifully as their ballpark always does; I want to read in the sun for hours and listen to happy summer music. SUMMER, guys. SUMMER!!!1


P.S. What's your happy summer music? Lay it on me. Let's have a party.

2. So, I'm trying out Google Chrome. My computer, Cameron, has seemed cranky for weeks, and always seems to be a) burning up and b) running the fan super loudly. Chrome seems to run smoother than Firefox, and I found SOME of my most important extensions, but I'm at a loss -- how do people function without the search box? I don't understand how Google's OWN BROWSER doesn't have a built-in Google box? I added this, but it is clearly a poor replacement. There must be something super obvious I'm missing... right?

Also, I can't seem to find anything to switch on "always open shit in new tabs instead of the tab I'm working in right now ARGH" and there doesn't appear to be an equivalent to my beloved BBCode. So perhaps we are not yet ready for each other. :(

3. Apparently when I get girly I also get consumer-y. Operation Have Cute Bangs in 2010 has thus far been a failure, although I finally cracked and bought the first hairbrush I've used in 10 years for damage control and am surprised at how much it helps. I've also switched from my sworn-by Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious regime to Lush's Trichomania solid shampoo, which smells fucking delicious, was easy for me to cut in half for separate shower and bath use, and amazingly eliminates the need for conditioner and product. My increasingly-absurd bra size is still wrong, however.

4. Today I watched the first episode of Huge, Nikki Blonsky's new ABC Family show (about life at a fat camp). Given that I love Nikki and the 2007 Hairspray semi-desperately, I had no choice in the matter, though I'd really like to see her in a role that isn't about her fatness sometime. Also, once again Nikki's character's rival is a pretty blonde girl named Amber, and her best friend is the girl who turned out not to be Oprah that one time on 30 Rock. BONUS: Gina Torres is the camp director?! DEDUCTION: It's not yet anywhere approaching good. Every scene stretches out like eternity itself. If they get a capable director in there it might be okay, though, and while obviously "fat camp show" is a veritable minefield for fail, it did not in this hour manage to offend me horrendously.

The truth of it is that ABC Family is pretty much my drug, because it has young female characters. Lots of them. Several of whom are not white or thin or straight. All of whom have strong relationships with each other. Apparently, I don't care so much about whether a show is good or if it has genre elements I dig, etc. Nope. Give me girls interacting with each other and set the bar at "please just don't make me want to die" and apparently, we're good. Within reason.

Also, Lucille Bluth is going to play my favorite evil girl (see icon)'s grandma. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

#classytvwatchinghabits, party of me.
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[1. I apologize. For various things, but also the possible implication of extremely nonspecific spoilers for aired tv. 2. back in american beauty mode it seems, turning to my tumblr here for visual backup. 3. jdddddhfusdjuiad 4. aw fuck it]

*chinhands* Girls.

Top fictional ladies of the moment, circa a few days ago:

Amy Pond
April Ludgate
Annie Edison
Olivia Dunham, but at least for 50% Anna Torv's Face (and Anna Torv's scruffy wet hair, and Anna Torv's pajamas) reasons

Then I decided what the world needs now is Annie/Amy. Sassy girls look, internet. Sassy girls 4 lyfe.

Then I began the Tenwich, a grueling Doctor Who marathon during which [ profile] rawles (and so far also [ profile] pathstotread and [ profile] latropita, aka the Doofpire Army) and I re/watch the entirety of New Who, despite our vast distaste for Ten and Tennant*, made palatable by ladies and nommy Nine and Eleven breads. So:

Rose Tyler

(Amy/Rose? Surely that is a thing that will exist. Surely.)

Oh, I also watched Legend of the Thing from like a month ago with Cara and Kahlan and the thing. I'm only like 60% on Cara/Kahlan (WOW I CANNOT EVER TYPE CARA WITHOUT TRYING "KARA" FIRST) but, uh, sometimes sixty percent is all you need. And it finally, because I'm dense, occurred to me that Legend of the Thing being produced by RenPics, producers of what can only be the most aggressively lesbonic fanservicing show of all time, um... kind of know what they're doing there.

The fact that Cara has followed the real Kara into the unlikely path of Female Character Woobiehood has not escaped my notice, though as with Kara, I'm on another road entirely. This is a road not of woobies, but fucking feelings all up in my grill.

Britta Perry, skyrocketing in the rankings. Bonnie Bennett! my love!, being my love! Isobel ... well ... can't win 'em all.

But let us not forget! The real ladies who make the magic happen:

Amy Poehler who wrote last night's P&R, perhaps in an effort to slough herself of excess wonderfulness.
Alison Brie, who wrote ... errr ... this, which perhaps oddly makes me just real person lies ship her with Dong Lover shippier than ever.
Malese Jow, who made Team Anna.
Rashida Jones. Because she is Rashida Jones. Similarly (not for being Rashida Jones though): I came to terms long ago with the fact that I love Kristen Stewart, but holy shit guys, what even is this, I really love Kristen Stewart.
And Courtney Yates, who at an undetermined point during the Dragonz music video eclipsed all others -- even Amy Pond! (see, I am being circuitous) -- to become my actual hero. fffffff, she typed, giving each f a thoughtful and individual nudge.

*chinhands* Girls.

* aka Calculon, but with more grimacing and less Spanish dubbing by the watchful eyes of YouTube

[coming soon perhaps! 30 days of TV meme, scientifically rewritten so as to be less repetitive and more ridiculous. Can I do it? Can I even form critical-thought-ish paragraphs anymore, ever again? Don't hold your breath is all i am saying.]

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