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All the good will NBC gained by giving me Parks & Rec and Community, and indifferent will gotten during the great Not Giving a Shit About Late Night period has been lost. LOST! Not only are they presenting ALL of the Olympics on a three-hour tape delay on the West Coast (you know, the same coast where they're taking place) but today apparently Dick Ebersol decided to make us eat our vegetables watch biathlon rather than women's snowboard cross. Which SHOULD IT EVER AIR will surely be mixed in with men's figure skating so neither receives the coverage it deserves. >:(

Mine is a potent mixture of anger, pining, and fear of internet spoilers. (ETA: well that lasted another 15 minutes before my fear came true! downgrade mood from "okay" to "stewing in impotent rage")

Women's hockey turned out to be pretty badass, though. Girls being rough in bulky clothes: pretty hot! I-it turns out.

IN NON-HATEY NEWS, however, y'all should know that prompts are now collected for the taking at WNW's Intergalactic Women's Day Mini-Ficathon. There are 111 prompts for 27 women who appeared in Star Trek up for the claiming! You can choose your own due date! And the length requirement is only 300 words, SO if you would like to contribute a little ladyness to fandom, or are looking for a low-pressure project that won't break the creative bank, have I ever got the fic challenge for you!



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