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Ah, life! Is full of things! Things like dog infections, and new phones, and movies, and music, and books, and OBSESSING OVER HIPSTER WHO OMG, and Los Gigantes! And too goddamn many appointments with healthcare professionals! Hence today's schedule which is full of "being lazy." And jumbled multi-everything posts.

- First, here's Where No Woman's new drabblefest for which I did the prompts! (I had to wait five months to post that set, no lie). You should come play! Also maybe take this poll about the ficathon we're doing.

Additionally, I put out a call for AO3 and/or Dreamwidth advisors for future WNW endeavors -- I do dream of someday moving the comm over although that won't happen without lots of planning and consultation with all involved, and I just don't have the energy to figure it all out myself -- and thought I'd mention it here too! I am in fact ALSO looking for possible partners in crime for the radical Star Trek politics comm dedicated to NON-HUMANS, which is currently sitting empty at [community profile] oldlifeoldcivilizations, in time for 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth, so if you are interested in subverting either Trek ladies or Trek aliens in the world of open-source, please do give me a shout.

- All this reminds me that [personal profile] lodessa got me Star Trek Online for my birfday (joy!!!!!) and I can't play it because my HD won't Boot Camp (DESPAIR). ;__;

- Sandals. Do you wear sandals? I live in a wet-winter climate and my dog is an adventuresome kind of dog, so right when the rains began this winter I had this uncharacteristic flash of practicality and bought some nice rubber wellies that enabled me to keep up with Rue through all the muddy bogs she so loves. NOW it is spring, sun and warmth are starting to be a thing, and the sad Californian truth is, I am offended on a deep personal level when forced to wear socks. But the only sandals I've ever had were Birkenstocks in my crunchier youth (which later became extremely uncomfortable) and these FloJo flipflops I've been rocking for ten years. I am thinking about getting some practical, nice-looking, walk-worthy sandals.

This is difficult because my feet are kinda faily! I need serious arch support, and I have bunions which means individual toe loops tend to... miss my big toe completely. I would also very much prefer any sandals to be ethically sourced and not leather, and I'm prepared to spend a bit because I think good shoes are generally worth it. Where have you found sandals success? I feel not like myself asking this?

- Per [personal profile] wordsatourbacks's request: a zip of 44 Liz Phair rareties!

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Heyyyyy guess who just mysteriously spilled green tea in her Macbook trackpad? The same trackpad that was replaced a mere four months ago after a mineral water incident? OH GOD APPLECARE DON'T KILL ME. (They gave me a free new powercord just last week!) Cry!

so here we are on an ... eMachine. With Vista. let us not discuss that any further.

What I do want to discuss though is Star Trek. Specifically, the hypothetical next television series. Yesterday I finished my watchthrough of Deep Space Nine (SUCH A GOOD SHOW, GUYS, SUCH A GOOD SHOW) and while I am in no way equipped to write out all my thoughts & feelings on that matter in a DWth text box on an eMachine that is not mine, I would really like other people's opinions on what the next Trek show could be and I think this is a good time to ask. DS9 being both political and Alpha Quadrant-based it is in some ways the obvious jumping-off-point for the continuing larger story of Trek despite having Voyager, Enterprise, and two movies coming in after. no specific spoilers for any existing Trek, I just want you guys to come on this ~journey of the imagination with meeeee )


P.S. What Trek should I watch next (I saw all of TNG as a child)? Show your work.

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