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I didn't do Kaleidoscope (multimedia fanworks exchange for sources featuring POC characters created by POC; see [community profile] dark_agenda) last year but I'm pretty pumped for it this year. So! Lettuce brainstorm!

I am so totally nominating/requesting
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (already nominated) - Caroline Lee!!! I might save this for Yuletide because I may need fix-it fic when Caroline's sudden but inevitable betrayal pops up; but as my twitter friends know, I love Caroline and I love Caroline & Lizzie being friends and I just want to to last forever ;______________;
Kingdom of the Gods - N.K. Jemisin - Shahar Arameri (princess not matriarch). I DEFINITELY need fix-it fic for this one. I will prob also nominate Sieh and Glee Shoth cuz I liked her.
Princess Tutu - said I would for somebody before remembering that maybe the characters in Tutu are white?? IDK (yup, ineligible)

I am thinking about nominating these even though I don't have any requests in mind
The Earthseed duology - Octavia E. Butler
Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves

PLANETES - !!!!!!!!!!
Luther - Idris Elba is a producer, so it might qualify. I would dig Erin fic so hard.
Ugly Betty - [shrug] I just saw a Betty icon and felt all nostalgic

Chromatic bbs who don't qualify and it makes me sad
Beasts of the Southern Wild - Yuletide here we come
Young Justice - Queerball Artemis & prickly sisterhood with Jade, forever in my heart :'(
Greek - Rebeccaaaaaa and Ashleeeeeeeigh

What about you guys? What am I missing? What qualifying media should I wolf down in the next week? (Unfortunately I'm in the midst of a Nalo Hopkinson and next on deck is NKJ's new duology, both of which I might wish to nominate, but will probably not have time to know before nominations end.)

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It has come to my attention that writing is hard, and I am not very good at it. In particular, what I lack is the ability to conceive of entire stories, with beginnings, middles, and ends. (Maybe even... outlines?! Glob save me.) Plot and action elude me on a level so basic that it is embarrassing. This Yuletide stretched me to my limit and left me feeling that with more time, I might have been able to make it into more of Story, but that has yet to be proven and requires the seed of a story TO prove it. 

It has also come to my attention that 90% of my shippy feelings lately are about femslash (and the other 10% is about an f/f/m OT3), so I really need to commit myself to writing it for reals.

Now, there are lots of other things I need to work on, writingwise. Like, either I should be writing to my strengths (humor, dialogue, sekrit emotional depth) more or flexing the things I always wanna write but suspect I kind of fail at (solemn dramz, action, explicit sex, linearity). I need to consider what my frequent themes are (emotional trauma/abuse, female sexuality and onanism as characterization) and what do to about that (????). And I just don't know how to go about any of this. 


but while I flounder about and butt my head against walls hopefully, I've decided to give myself a challenge: Femslashuary! A month in which I write femslash every day. It is like Drabblevember, I guess, except I don't want to stop at 100 words -- I want to write fics that are as long as they are, and gather the courage to attempt to even continue them further the next day if it seems called for. ?!

I made a starter spreadsheet of some pairings I feel like I might want to write! (grey means "actually probably not but they're my favs so I feel bad leaving them off this list"; blue is "het pairings made better through the magic of genderswap"; *s indicate I may or may not wish to involve these pairings in larger configurations involving dudes and their penises)

You are invited to look at it, and if you have any shower me with suggestions or prompts or feelings explosions with me to aid me on my quest!

Also to write (or fanart?) your own month of femslorsh, if you want!

Are we gonna do this thing? Possibly perhaps we are! Pom poms! Go team! Et cetera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. IDK if I will post said fic to here, to reflect its mutable exercise-ish nature, or on AO3, to be all shiny and stuff. It is... a mystery. Huh. Sorry.
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Writing goals for 2011

ramble moar
engage moar
don't fear research
talk it the fuck out
observe my own patterns

{finish and post}
Annie/Jeff pr0ns
Nyota Uhura thing...y

{write and post}
help_haiti DS9 fic for Lizzen
Rapunzel fic
Nikitaaaa? quite possibly.

{keep on keeping on, incl. research}
Sempervirens a.k.a. "trees, home, space, light, the universe, and everything"
robofeminist antiracist postcolonial dissertation

That's... pretty much it, actually. My therapist told me about this thing called the acorn theory, which is basically that we all have a calling and throughout one's life it manifests in different ways. And I'm pretty sure the intersection of feminism and science fiction has a big something to do with my acorn. But I've been afraid: of research, of big projects, of giving it all away too soon, of disturbing the blank forbidding page.

Fuck that, says I. Fuck it and every time I forget, feel free to remind me. FUCK THAT. One of the reasons I want to observe my own writing patterns is because I abruptly realized last week that I have a strong pull to stories about emotional trauma. I analyze the hell out of my relationship with other people's fiction, but not my own? Fuck that too.

I'm not going to pick any specific numbers because that's not what I'm about. I'm just going to keep on keeping on, and fuck fear, and I hope you're with me (because fuck that!).

In other news: I don't know what to do with Dreamwidth. I love the site and just have utterly failed to build any real community on it in a year's time; almost every (what I'd call) relationship is still conducted on LJ or began there. I'm not leaving, because I really do love the site, and I know a large part of my failure to build community is just that I haven't tried very much. And I do intend to try harder; I've narrowed my subscriptions a bit so as to be less overwhelmed by the whole attempt. But also, DW people, take this as an invitation -- to engage back (that I always encourage dropping me from your list if you want to rather than kept on to spare my feelings is on record in my profile, but probably bears repeating), and if you have any recommendations for people with whom to build real community, I would love to hear them.
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When I first entered fandom properly in early 2004, my focus was on Harry Potter. This lasted only a bit over a year, as after HBP came out in summer 2005 I realized I could not deal with that fandom anymore, but it was my formative fandom for better or worse (hint: worse), and also probably my most ambitious fandom ever. By which I mean, it was a fandom that made me think ambitiously, with such a big chewy world to work with. And check it: while working on mad theories (I mean, I was involved in Knight2King, guyz. The crackpot theory so convincing JKR had to compliment it even as she debunked it!) and vastly overestimating the narrative complexity of a series that was ultimately far more straightforward than I hoped it would be, I *also* managed to be a massive, if un-party-line-toeing Harry/Luna shipper.

If you didn't know because you're new to all this: Luna Lovegood is at times my favorite person ever in the universe. "Fictional" be damned!

So anyway, here are some HP stories that I never wrote, but I wanted to (all before book six came out):

common themes include Harry, Luna, Hermione, and me being kinda wack. )

Here's what I had for that last one. Warning for implicit violence and widespread character death.

if you read my lj SIX YEARS AGO, you may remember this. )

And the answer: perhaps a bit of a letdown )

Most of my best stories only ever reached "might have been." Oh, remember VM AU S2? Still my fav (no bus crash! no supervillainy that makes me die of hate forever and ever amen! canon Logan/Weevil!). And currently I'm working on a post-"Born to Run" SCC "movie" with [personal profile] metalheart. It's a bizarre kind of life, this imaginary stories method. But maybe it's teaching me something anyway. Maybe someday I can pass the savings on... to you??
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I have an H/C Bingo card!

here it r )

Also, if you are the sort of person who might read my fic: where would you like to read it? I'm pretty much over hosting it on LJ @ [ profile] trisfic, and am putting all my new stuff and gradually the old stuff too up at AO3 (where you do not need an acct to comment) but I'm torn. And want to make it easier for my potential constituency, so to speak. Here, have a poll.

Poll #3395 where does the fic go?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

assuming you are a potential reader/commenter, how would you like it?

View Answers

post fic in allchildren, which crossposts to sainfoin-fields, + AO3
6 (54.5%)

post fic in dedicated DW comm for my fic + AO3
0 (0.0%)

post only in AO3 but announce fic @ allchildren/sainfoin-fields
3 (27.3%)

other, which i will comment to explain
2 (18.2%)

All these sites! I just don't knoooow.

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