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march medialog and things

BOOKS (goodreads)

  • cold magic (kate elliott)
  • the brief wondrous life of oscar wao (junot díaz)
  • first 64 pages of world war z before i ragequit (max brooks)


  • the kids are all right
  • our idiot brother (rewatch)
  • breaking dawn
  • hanna (rewatch)


  • adventure time ("incendium" rewatch)
  • arrested development (s3 rewatch)
  • call the midwife (all)
  • community (as aired)
  • cosmos (first episode)
  • fringe (febuary episodes)
  • mad men (as aired)
  • new girl (as aired)
  • parks and recreation (as aired)
  • project runway all stars (as aired, minus the finale)
  • the colbert report (idk, a few)
  • the crimson petal and the white (final installment)
  • the daily show (idk, a few)
  • the good wife (as aired)
  • the legend of korra (first two episodes) (twice) (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  • the new batman adventures ("girls night out" and "mad love", also the one before them but i was paying like 10% attention)
  • the secret circle (three of the six or so episodes i was behind on because goddamn that show is boring)
  • the voice (all battles)
  • the x-files ("demons")
  • top chef texas finale + reunion
  • young justice (as aired minus yesterday's ep)
Oh, I promised opinions.

Korra: I've seen some talk that I found bemusing and I guess what it comes down to is that I trust Mike and Bryan's narratives and revere their worldbuilding more than any other mainstream storytellers, and so while I can only go so far as to call it a hope, I'd like to think that the questionable elements in the setup of Republic City are intended to be questionable and that the natural direction of the narrative will be to dismantle them from the inside out. The ultimate point of the anti-bending faction shouldn't be that nonbenders are evil, jealous, or small-minded, but that benders do have a lot of unexamined power, particularly in the social hierarchy of Republic City, which was founded by benders and is currently policed by them. That is, benders have privilege. Even in a jokey exchange like "You're oppressing yourselves!" "That doesn't even make sense!" there is a reflection of real life issues; victim-blaming and denial of privilege is always the go-to defense of the privileged in consciousness-raising conversations. My hope is that instead of BOO HISS VILLAINY we'll get the tables turned on Korra as she learns her spiritual role and discovers that balance is about more than just air, water, earth, and fire.


And The Hunger Games: First, the macro of my grump is that these books should have been about what it means for the revolution to be televised and the observer effect and Katniss being a person and maybe even Katniss/Peeta being interesting and fucked up, but what they were actually about is what Katniss wore every goddamn day of her life and oh no her stylist has a bloody nose truly that is the greatest crime of all and the world's least interesting love triangle and gratuitous unearned unexamined atrocities that last a paragraph and and Katniss never knowing what is going on and going into comas once a month which makes her a gr8 narrator april fools and male/female relationships being prized at the expense of Arrested Development-style hollow female relationships like Katniss's great love for the 99.9% offscreen-until-gratuitously-killed Prim (although despite these shitty priorities Peeta's recovery from being brainwashed also happens offscreen, SO FASCINATING). Oh, let's kill Coin instead of Snow. CHIX R EVIL AMIRITE. Sure sure. The micro of my past month's grump is, jfc who the fuck cares if Battle Royale came first? The books are not even about kids killing kids. They are about the (most passive imaginable) revolution of a dystopian state. Two of the three books do not even contain kids killing kids! The Quarter Quell is mostly full of adults! why do I care, nobody knows, I just feel very grumpy about all this mediocrity and point-missery that fills mine eyes


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