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Amy Ponds of the 99% ([personal profile] allchildren) wrote2012-10-03 10:49 pm
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media: september


forty signs of rain, kim stanley robinson


  • celeste & jesse forever
  • saving face



  • adventure time #6, ryan north
  • marceline & the scream queens #1 (reread) and #2, meredith gran
  • the promise #1 and #2, gene yang




  • 2 broke girls - season premiere
  • adventure time - as aired, plus a few rewatches
  • all on the line with joe zee - season two, episode 1
  • avatar: the last airbender - "lake laogai" thru the end
  • breaking bad - as aired
  • doctor who - season 7, episodes 4-5
  • don't trust the b (series rewatch)
  • elementary - pilot
  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood - episodes 42-48
  • gravity falls - as aired and various rewatches
  • new girl - as aired
  • nova - can we make it to mars? & some crap about dreams
  • ouran high school host club - episodes 1-10
  • parks and recreation - as aired
  • scott and bailey - episodes 4-8
  • the lizzie bennet diaries - as ... casted
  • the mindy project - pilot
  • treme - season premiere


Still haven't seen The Good Wife or this week's Treme because I was uh moving to Pittsburgh that day. But now I'm here! I am here.

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