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more like pfffffffffebruary

Media consumed in February 2012, a time of great attention span as you will see:

  • from prada to nada - first 40 minutes before i couldn't take it anymore it was so badddd
  • bits of raiders of the lost ark
  • most of office space (rewatch so i'm allowed)
  • moneyball (yes this is the only movie i managed to watch all of and even that is a bit of a stretch because the dvd player won't pause and also i was looking at twitter)
BOOKS (goodreads)
  • goliath (scott westerfeld)
  • parable of the sower (octavia e. butler)
  • parable of the talents (octavia e. butler)
TV not counting the constant backdrop to my life that is NCIS and also Tabatha
  • adventure time (as aired + random rewatches)
  • alcatraz (probs just one ep before i joined parminder nagra in a coma of deep boredom)
  • arrested development (s2 rewatch + a few others)
  • bomb girls (as aired)
  • fringe (as aired minus the most recent three)
  • louie (end of season one)
  • new girl (all of it! and "jess and julia" twice)
  • nikita (as aired minus the most recent two or three)
  • pretty little liars ladyedits
  • project runway all stars (as aired)
  • skins (first three episodes of series six)
  • the colbert report (some, notably the wheat thins segment four times in 24 hours)
  • the crimson petal and the white (middle two episodes. YES IT TAKES THREE MONTHS TO WATCH FOUR EPISODES HERE IN DOOFTOWN)
  • the daily show (some)
  • the good wife (as aired)
  • top chef texas (as aired minus finale)

l o l

Femslash committed in February, too lazy to collate THEY'RE RIGHT THERE ON THE TAG:
  • Deryn/Lilit, Leviathan series
  • Sugar/Agnes, The Crimson Petal and the White
  • Astrid/Astrid, Fringe
  • Fionna/Bubblegum (art), Adventure Time
  • Marceline/Bubblegum (art), Adventure Time
  • Betty/Gladys, Bomb Girls
  • Ann/Elizabeth, Parks & Rec
  • and this beginning scrap of Jess/Julia, New Girl that wishes it could grow into a real story if only its writer were a writer and not a floppy jelly person with no focus or organization or drive:

Jess and Julia hang out sometimes, which is strange since they were never friends in the first place, and especially after Julia dumped Nick it seemed like they probably should have both been relieved that they wouldn't have to see each other anymore.

And they don't -- have to see each other anymore. It takes them a little while to notice, though, and by then, it's too late.

Jess invites Julia over to the next Wine and Yarn Night With the Girls out of a feeling of obligation, and out of any number of feelings she probably has ample right to, Julia doesn't show.

"Sorry," she says on the phone the next day when guilt makes her call Jess. "I just don't think I can go back there so soon."

"It's fine," Jess assures her. "That was probably uncool of me to do in the first place. Like, way to put you in an awkward sitch! Dangerrrr, Julia Lawyerson." She sings it: "Ruuuude!"

"Well, kind of, yeah." Julia tries to swallow the acerbic words back even as she says them, and hits her forehead. She can just picture Jess's anime eyes blinking over one shiny diamond-pointed tear each. Goddammit, now she's guilty again. "Um. Do you want to go get coffee or tea or whatever frothy things you probably drink instead of caffeine somewhere other the house where my ex-let's-not-put-a-label-on-it lives?"

"Oh, how fun! Yes, definitely let's." Jess agrees in a whiplash of offended offensive obligation, and that's how the post-Nick era begins.

Jess does like tea. So, actually, does Julia. "See?" Jess says, moving her head like a rapping turtle in an early 90s cartoon. "I can drink caffeine and stay up all night with the big kids. Sheyee."

"Shee?" Julia bites her lip in consternation.

"It's like sheeeyit, but, you know. I don't like to swear."

"Oh, sure." Julia looks down at her cup and then back up under heavy-lidded eyes. "Or shizzle, if you prefer."

"You're making fun of me," Jess says, her teacher voice diffident.

Julia shrugs a bit. "You are fun."

Jess gives her a tiny smile.

So that is... 3059 words in six fandoms and four complete ficlets plus two maybe-wips. headdesk. FEMSLASHUARY, EVERYBODY. #ITSAPROCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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