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Amy Ponds of the 99% ([personal profile] allchildren) wrote2012-08-01 08:13 pm
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dear lord is there a less efficient way to do this

July media!


  • about a hundred more pages of always coming home, ursula k. leguin
  • slice of cherry, dia reeves


  • marceline and the scream queens #1, meredith gran & jen wang
  • adventure time #5, ryan north


  • beasts of the southern wild
  • kill bill vol. 1 (rewatch)
  • the king's speech
  • sunny
  • melancholia

"TV" as aired (or are they) (only one of these actually is just that)

  • adventure time (plus a few rewatches)
  • around the world in 80 plates (last two eps)
  • bob's burgers (seasons 1 and 2)
  • breaking bad
  • design star (finale)
  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood thru ep 34 (minus episode 1 and the clip show)
  • futurama (just "the six million dollar mon" plus rewatches of reincarnation, benderama, and teenage mutant leela's hurdles)
  • gravity falls (all of s1 thusfar)
  • louie (season 2 and the first three eps of s3)
  • luther (rewatch of eps 1-2)
  • political animals (eps 1-2)
  • rocky and bullwinkle (episode 1, rewatch obvs)
  • the lizzie bennet diaries (minus monday's ep)

I used to be like GURL WHAT NO at Rawles and Tropie actually listing each episode individually by number, but I begin to see the wisdom of it. Yeesh.

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