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Amy Ponds of the 99% ([personal profile] allchildren) wrote2012-07-01 04:30 pm
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june media

  • snow white & the huntsman
  • brave

  • the end of the scarlet letter
  • the last third of the crimson petal and the white, michel faber
  • adventure time comix 1-4, ryan north
  • (first section of) always coming home, ursula k. le guin

TV as aired except where noted minus omnipresent crime procedurals and of course baseball
  • adventure time + hella rewatches
  • couple more around the world in 80 plateses
  • dance academy - seasons 1 & 2 (technically I watched the last two eps after midnight today)
  • futurama - last quarter of s6
  • hey arnold - "ghost bride/gerald vs. jamie-o"
  • mad men
  • my little pony: friendship is magic - episode one
  • the legend of korra

So, Dance Academy! That's a pretty good show. Australian teens + the high pressure world of professional dance training = basically early Grey's Anatomy-ish vibes (much more tolerable in actual teenagers than supposed adults) + Greek + lots of actual dance. Also, Asian male romantic lead + canon m/m + my current fav fictional girls. Thank u based Netflix Instant. #YULETIDE2012

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