Dec. 21st, 2014

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As you may have heard, The Legend of Korra ended this week with a pretty exceptional move. I had stopped watching after hating the first season finale, but caught up a few months ago when I saw friends praising the improvements of season three. That meant I watched all of season four as it "aired" (Nick pulled the show from actual television broadcast several months ago, for reasons I now suspect had to do with the finale storyboards, and moved it all online) and got to experience this surprise ending unspoiled in the wee hours of Friday morning. Since then I've seen a lot of people asking if they should catch up because they too stopped watching during or after season one, and I am here to offer my opinion: YES! But not just for the finale. If your only interest is in Korrasami, tumblr's got you covered.

If you would actually like to watch and enjoy the show, here's what I recommend. IMHO, YMMV, &c.
I will keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but some summarizing is required. )

If your network agrees with it, all of season four can currently be viewed in free high def on Nick's site. or may also be of help :)

P.S. By the way, this isn't the first episode guide I've made. Here's my Adventure Time episode guide, which is currently about 25 episodes behind, but for a show that has 178 episodes so far it could be worse (and should be updated very soon). It's a spreadsheet, but was designed to be used with filtered criteria, back when Google Docs still allowed "View as List". Now that Google Sheets is the status quo, it can be filtered in a slightly different way. Click on any of the top cells and then in the top navigation bar with all the icons, click on the funnel-shaped icon second from the right. This turns on filtering, so you can still select all Musicals that feature Marceline and have the list come up in four clicks. I'm not a regular nerd, I'm a cool nerd.

P.P.S. Semi-related to all of the above: I have a rather sedate and single-minded tumblr which is almost exclusively being used for my love of cartoons and illustration. I don't follow many people so as to keep my dash focused on the same kind of stuff I want to reblog, but feel free to follow if you like!



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