Nov. 21st, 2011

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Dear yuletide author person,

Hi! DON'T PANIC. Yes. That's the only message I have to give that isn't readily apparently in my signup itself. I know my requests are pretty single-minded, and may not match what you consider your skill set to be -- but I have faith in you, and I value your Yuletide experience! Write something you enjoy and can believe in and is authentic to you, and I truly believe that is what will give me the best reading experience. Emotional truth: pretty much what I value the most in stories. Also nuance. Know this, and you're set!

...aaaand I just lost the draft of the rest of this letter. Sigh. To be honest with you, I'm not too broken up about it; I've written a *lot* of cover letters this year, and after a while all letters describing oneself to strangers start to feel the same. Here's what I'm gonna do: I'm going to link you to my previous Yuletide letters

2009 (maybe just read this one; it's the most thematically relevant)
2007 (contains talk about Princess Tutu, which is sort of orthagonally relevant cuz it's an anime based on Swan Lake and also my favorite show of all time)

and add just a couple notes and links to my requests as necessary under the cut )

and I'm going to send you over to my tumblr, where I've collated some Swan Lake, Dexter, and Twin Peaks-related items (I don't have anything for Emma! but I think my request speaks for itself? I love Sarah Waters's historical lesbian fiction, does that help?) for you under "yulegoat." If you still haven't clicked, it's here! Besides pictures, there are some words (both in the posts and the tags, on the right side in pink) and hopefully no matter what kind of information-absorber you are, you'll get something out of this method.

And if you're totally weirded out by my methods or Tumblr goes down for the next month (entirely possible, alas), still do not panic, because you cannot go wrong if you just write your story and have fun. That is what I want the most. Cheesy but trufax. 

love and gratitude,

tris b.

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