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the yuletide letter even rich text editor couldn't defeat

Dear Yulegoat,

Hello, and thank you! Yuletide is a lot of effort and it means a great deal to me that you are spending such energy on me. With that in mind, I truly mean it when I say I hope you enjoy yourself first and foremost. My sincerest request is that you don't force it; use my prompts as jumping-off points, by all means, but I'd rather read a great story written with conviction that I wouldn't have expected than a mediocre story that checks off every box on my list.

As far as that list goes, I've repeated it most every year and you can find it in my previous letters in my tag, but honestly I feel okay skipping over it this time. The stories I like the best are those that are organic, emotionally truthful, and nuanced. The stories that I like the least are facile, gratuitously sentimental or edgy, without consequence or courage. I love plot - partly because I can't write it to save my life - but I also love character studies, absurd comedies, and lyricism (though not extremely opaque prose). Characterization, sense of place, and tone will always win me over. Also girls, gays, and friendship! What can I say? Secretly I'm easy. Just no mindwipes, please.

For your visual learning pleasure: a tumblr tag just for you! (It is not distributed in proportion to my interest in these fandoms.)

And now, my six prompts!

LUTHER - John Luther, Justin Ripley, Erin Gray

[SPOILERS FOR SERIES 3] Alas, poor Ripley, whose bisexual angst torn between his two loves Erin and John never came to fruition! And poor me who wanted nothing more in the universe. I'd love a story about these three, either set between series 2 and 3 or in an all-out S3 AU. OT3 or not, all I want is the sexy psychological thriller that S3 could have been instead of the womenandripleygettinghorrifyinglymurderedfest that it was. I am not at all opposed to Alice, Jenny, and/or Mark being involved - and I do like Alice/Luther of course - but it's your call.

Sometimes I feel like all I want in life are sexy psychological thrillers and I can never have them, because those that exist are inevitably exploitive, gross, and/or misogynistic. You don't have to write a thriller (that sounds hard, I wouldn't know how) but as long as it's not exploitive, gross, and misogynistic (hint: Erin should neither die nor be vilified/leftover in unloved degradation) you've already won in my book - including over Luther S3's own questionable-to-me canon. [ETA: I feel like I should elaborate a bit on why I'm unhappy with Luther S3. I didn't hate it, it still had a lot of the show I love, but the "murder gaze" horror movie schtick and constant victimization of every single woman - including Alice!! - did not sit well with me at all. I did like the ending, however.]


P.P.S. I just connected love is like a sin my love for the ones who feel it the most to Justin's major sin of being loyal to Luther and now I am cry


SEVEN KINGDOMS TRILOGY - KRISTIN CASHORE - Bitterblue (Seven Kingdoms Trilogy)

Bitterblue was my favorite book I read this year, and I want more. I would love to learn more about Ashen, how she held onto her strength and fought Leck's fog, who she was, how she taught her daughter to keep her mind together. How Bitterblue carried on without her in the years between Graceling and her own book. I'd also love to see what happens post-canon - if she and Saf manage to make it work as people who sometimes hook up and can probably never go further, if they have to transition to just friends and what that's like, and who and what else little Sparks has to discover. I adore Teddy and I'd love to see his and Saf's lesbian sisters as characters in their own right, in addition to pretty much anyone else in Bitterblue's growing unconventional family of Po and Hava and Katsa and Raffin and Bann and Mags and OCs if they're called for. There is so much progress burgeoning at the end of the book, I'd just love to see wherever you can take it!

I have a lot of feelings about stories that are about healing from and ending the cycle of abuse, which makes this request difficult to talk about. Instead I offer my goodreads review of the book, which will tell you a fair bit about why I liked it.

TEEN BEACH MOVIE - Lela (Teen Beach Movie), McKenzie (Teen Beach Movie)

Wow, so these two were pretty gay, right? Like... unusually gay. Right?? With the feminism, and swaggering around in skimpy chiffon teddies, and the confessions about always wanting to ... "surf." Some high gay times. I imagine an AU of the movie where Lela falls for the wrong girl instead of the wrong boy, and how it gets resolved and Mack gets back to the future, and everything is applied in classic Disney Channel Learning And Growing From Our Experiences tradition from there, is so much gay gravy.

You can't honestly tell me that Lela deviating from the movie's predestined script isn't thematically much better with Mack's entire storyline than what actually happened. Nor can you deny the power of this gif. Try not to see the flirtation. I defy thee!!!

FINGERSMITH - SARAH WATERS - Maud Lilly, Susan Trinder

Hold onto your butt, I'm about to ask for a totally optional crossover! I would love to see the world of Fingersmith collide with that of The Crimson Petal and the White, about which I'll give more info in my letter. While I cannot in good conscience recommend the novel, the BBC miniseries starring Romola Garai is fantastic and I think if you like Fingersmith, this would be right up your alley - and the two would be wonderfully compatible. There's a ton of ways to combine the two - maybe Sugar publishes something at last at the same press as Maud (maybe Maud and Sue have their own press and publish her?) - maybe they're all part of the same erotica/misandrist/lesbian underground - maybe Agnes is there and doing better (and shacking up with Sugar and of course Sophie?) - maybe Emmeline Fox has found herself a most unexpected career - maybe Sue and Sugar know each other from childhood - or maybe more of a spiritual fusion than overt crossover? Whatever works :)

If you'd rather not dabble with another canon, that is A-OKAY. I just reread Fingersmith and there's so much to explore. Besides the obvious and eminently desirable Further Sexy Adventures of Maud and Sue - and what they do with their money and Briar and each other's truths - I'm also intrigued by the throughline of "madness" that runs from Susan's mother to Maud's childhood to Sue's experience, and what that means for them. Also: their relationships and lack thereof with their loved and hated mothers and surrogates. And queerness! I know he's not nominated but I was particularly struck this reread by Gentleman, who is fascinating without being sympathetic, and seductive to both girls not on his own behalf but on each other's - and perhaps on the behalf of queerness itself? There's a lot of ways you could go, is what I'm saying.

So, the crossover is Just An Idea! Don't feel beholden to it. But I did say I'd give you more info, so basically what you need to know is that around the same time that Sarah Waters was writing Fingersmith, Michel Faber wrote a self-impressed 900-page book about a Victorian prostitute named Sugar who writes out her fantasies of murdering her male clients, the ailing gentlewoman named Agnes who is married to Sugar's trick William and also mother to young Sophie, plus this Christian crusader lady named Emmeline who is trying to save fallen women like Sugar. Also a bunch of other junk because it's seriously 900 pages of contemporary mansplaining about women's empowerment and the evils of Victorian attitudes towards sex. LUCKILY FOR US ALL the BBC adapted this into a fantastic miniseries starring Romola Garai (with bonus Gillian Anderson as her madam/mother), and although the book does enlighten with regards to Agnes's health and Emmeline's rather interesting personality, the mini is otherwise in all respects a superior narrative and much more enjoyable experience. If you are into Fingersmith, I am betting the Crimson Petal and the White miniseries will be very much up your alley! (Trigger warnings for medical sexual assault, disordered eating, abortion/miscarriage, and ever so many eyefuls of cock apply.) You too can spend the whole time rooting for Sugar and Agnes to team up, murder William, fall in love and raise Sophie together! And you can probably already see the ways in which these stories might complement each other. But if an organic journey does not come, well, there is plenty still at home.

DANCE ACADEMY - Abigail Armstrong, Ollie Lloyd

[SPOILERS FOR SERIES 2 AND 3] The moment Abigail and Ollie realized they were both Sammy's type because they were similar, I was done for. I love the friendship between these two and spent approximately 30% of S3 yelling about it on twitter. More broadly, Abigail's evolution from ruthless competitor to still-pretty-ruthless searcher, prickly friend, and novice haver-of-feelings has locked her up as my forever girl. I'm so delighted they will be at the company together, that Ollie has a new love interest, and that even though they've achieved what they thought they wanted the whole world is open to them - and these are two people who both have learned the hard way that winning isn't everything. What comes next, which ways will they go, and what will it mean for them as friends?

If you would like to bring other peeps in, read on: I don't care much about Wes, although I do like him better than Ethan, but I am very interested Abigail's relationships with Kat and Tara and how after Sammy's death all the rancor just stopped mattering because they had to take care of each other. I would never say no to Abigail/Kat, either as femslash or simply dealing with the fraught reality of their history and future together. I don't think Tara's exact path was made explicit but I imagine she is at least taking classes at the company if not performing, so that continuing relationship would be interesting. I have no real interest in Ben and am so-so on Christian but I did like Abigail's night out with Christian. If you want to introduce Grace that's cool but PLEASE can we deal with her unaddressed mental illness? Which would in fact be interesting in terms of Abigail and her own growth.

Hmm, what more is there to say? Although I am glad that Ollie has a new love interest, as I said, the dude is awfully bland so I'm not married to that ship. Ollie's particular brand of machismo is very interesting - sometimes bordering on internalized-homophobic - and I think he is underdeveloped on the show, so I'd love to see more of who and why he is, and where he can go.

THE X-FILES RPF - Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny

10/13/13 - a watershed moment in real life celebrity weirdness. These two have been on a whirlwind tour of mixed signals, internet trolling, and touching in public. WHAT IS GOING ON? Personally I feel like after years of fraught tension, they've just given up and succumbed to the marriage the world has been waiting for these past twenty years. Take us behind the curtain, please. The truth... is probably not in this fic prompt, but who cares???

Please see fuckyeahdavidgillian on tumblr (or this, or this), and when you are done passing out, DO WHAT YOU WILL.

I hope this helps a bit! Again, if you are at any sort of a loss, my "yuletide!!!" tag has more, and really so does the rest of my journal. I am an open book with plenty of opinions, but at the end of the day I still want to see yours. Have fun and don't stress out too much <3

Tris B

Below, for the lolz, a list of everything I have previously requested for Yuletide. LET'S SEE IF ANY PATTERNS EMERGE.

Alicia/Kalinda - The Good Wife
Odette/Odile - Swan Lake
Knives/Kim - Scott Pilgrim
Bonnie/Caroline - The Vampire Diaries
Nikki/BB (and Beatrix) - Kill Bill

Caroline Lee - The LBD
Keila - Marceline and the Scream Queens
Deb and Cira - Dexter
The Queen - Hazards of Love
Katherine - The Vampire Diaries

Emma Woodhouse - Emma
Walter Blythe (and Rilla and Una) - Rilla of Ingleside

Write Me An Episode! Gayness Optional.
New Girl
Parks and Recreation
Twin Peaks*
Pete and Pete
Princess Tutu

casual het act natural
Alison Brie/Dong Lover RPF
Will Parry(/Lyra) - His Dark Materials + Susan Pevensie - Narnia crossover
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If you want to introduce Grace that's cool but PLEASE can we deal with her unaddressed mental illness?

ahahaha... ha.
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Omg, the GA & DD tumblr you linked to is so awesome. Ahhh, I shipped them for so, so many years, and thank you for informing me that epic things have happened recently. I saw them at Comic Con but didn't know that they have been going to the OTHER cons. Pretty much going to watch all of the panels now.
Also, I agree with your prompt completely.