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I didn't do Kaleidoscope (multimedia fanworks exchange for sources featuring POC characters created by POC; see [community profile] dark_agenda) last year but I'm pretty pumped for it this year. So! Lettuce brainstorm!

I am so totally nominating/requesting
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (already nominated) - Caroline Lee!!! I might save this for Yuletide because I may need fix-it fic when Caroline's sudden but inevitable betrayal pops up; but as my twitter friends know, I love Caroline and I love Caroline & Lizzie being friends and I just want to to last forever ;______________;
Kingdom of the Gods - N.K. Jemisin - Shahar Arameri (princess not matriarch). I DEFINITELY need fix-it fic for this one. I will prob also nominate Sieh and Glee Shoth cuz I liked her.
Princess Tutu - said I would for somebody before remembering that maybe the characters in Tutu are white?? IDK (yup, ineligible)

I am thinking about nominating these even though I don't have any requests in mind
The Earthseed duology - Octavia E. Butler
Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves

PLANETES - !!!!!!!!!!
Luther - Idris Elba is a producer, so it might qualify. I would dig Erin fic so hard.
Ugly Betty - [shrug] I just saw a Betty icon and felt all nostalgic

Chromatic bbs who don't qualify and it makes me sad
Beasts of the Southern Wild - Yuletide here we come
Young Justice - Queerball Artemis & prickly sisterhood with Jade, forever in my heart :'(
Greek - Rebeccaaaaaa and Ashleeeeeeeigh

What about you guys? What am I missing? What qualifying media should I wolf down in the next week? (Unfortunately I'm in the midst of a Nalo Hopkinson and next on deck is NKJ's new duology, both of which I might wish to nominate, but will probably not have time to know before nominations end.)

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Awww, Ugly Betty! Now I too am full of nostalgia. Mostly my memories right now are full of that time a friend and I spent a full day plotting out an elaborate BtVS crossover where everybody saves the world. You should nominate it, maybe that will be my motivation to actually go back and finish the show!

I nominated the Dragon of the Lost Sea books by Laurence Yep, two kdramas (Capital Scandal and Sunkyunkwan Scandal) and two mangas (7 Seeds and Skip Beat!) Sadly I do not think any of these are really wolf-down-able . . . well, maybe the Laurence Yep.