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Okay, so [personal profile] skygiants directed me to this and I want to make it clear that I don't consider my "supercut" necessarily an ideal. I cut out more than I think she's suggesting, as I pretty much went at it with a hacksaw, though I do actually think anyone who watches this version of it can pretty much pick up in season 3, even though the characters do occasionally reference back to it. But I considered Bolin/Eska outright abusive and thought the Republic City story line made Mako a Mary Sue (and I say that as someone who HATES that term) while making everyone else over-the-line OOC-ly stupid (especially as I still seethe over my feeling that a story that should have really been Asami's was taken from her and given to Mako), so... I am biased in these ways! But this is the s2 supercut, so to speak:

- Skip episodes 1-6.
- Watch episodes 7-8
- Watch an edited version of episode 9 "The Guide." This is really the only "supercut" style thing. I just edited this episode to cut out the Republic City stuff. Also, part of what makes this work is that Korra briefly recaps what happened in the previous episodes in this one.
- Watch episode 10.
- Skip episode 11.
- Watch episodes 12-14.

My roommate did seem to get through this without too many issues, and while there is a definite sense of "I'm not sure what they're referring to there" at points, I don't think any of them are especially important later on. The big things you miss are:

- Almost all of Varrick. I'm personally kind of resentful of Varrick for various reasons, even though I enjoyed him in the latter two seasons, so I didn't really have a problem with this (and I feel like... he's a guy who invents things and talks fast! You'll get it!), but really ymmv on that.
- The beginning of the Bolin/Eska romance. Personally I watched s2 this way and actually found them almost adorable when I could pretend that whole part that I felt was openly abusive and played for laughs wasn't there, but. Again, ymmv.
- "... I kind of started a civil war..." is all you'll get of that but I... don't care.
- How Mako and Korra broke up. Now that I've seen the whole series, I actually feel like this is more important, and if anything that I'm only salvaging the worst part of it with this. But I also feel like I would only think that from the perspective of knowing how it all ends - if your goal is for someone to want to keep watching so they get to season 3, I mean, I'd go ahead.

Anyway, if someone wants that edited version of episode 9, I can see what I can do about that? But yeah, otherwise it was generally more of a suggested episode list.

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