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Dear Yulegoat,

Thank you!!!! Don't panic! Listen, this is my fifth Yuletide and the sad fact is, I haven't got the attention span to worry about both the story I have to produce and the story I will receive. If history is any indication, I will spend every day till Christmas rolling myself into knots about my assignment and only when fics go live will I remember that I get a present too: a happy surprise and reward just for me! SO EXCITING! Basically I love presents and I love surprises, and I super believe that the best creative work comes from a genuine creative impulse, so don't stress about trying to jump through my hoops -- just write your story, and I will be bowled over by happiness and gratitude, I guarantee.

However, if I were you I'd be in knots as aforementioned, so I'm gonna give you a rundown of my taste preferences, but here's the cheat sheet: yes to nuanced and organic, no to facile and sentimental.

I don't like stories about God, destiny, or babies. I can't stand the poor narrative treatment of women. I'm mega done with characters of color getting the short end of the stick. I am a stickler for canon, grammar, and spelling. As you can probably guess, rape and other assaults do not sit well with me. I don't care much one way or another about porn, but I will tell you that I  often have a hard time visualizing action described in stories, so it matters more to me that the feelings are there than some elaborate position is described.

I LOVE women, queers, weirdos, losers, and underdogs. I have a soft spot for many a mean girl. I love fractured fairy tales, remixes, retellings, crossovers, subversion. I have this whole Thing about growing up. I adore platonic male/female friendship (straight dude/lesbian for bonus points), exes getting back together better than they were, relationships of equals, worthy adversaries, and quiet partnerships who love each other so much they don't need to say it out loud. My favorite narrative flavors are absurdity, goofiness, poignance, secret emotional depth, sense of place, slice of life, and appreciating what is sweet and tiny and fleeting in the face of what is unbearable and vast and inevitable, because the sun don't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning 'round.

Also on the off chance that it may be helpful for you, I've made a tag for you on my tumblr (mostly weighted towards Adventure Time, because that's what I reblog a ton of -- but I feel equally passionate about all these requests). Think of it as a mood board, or an inspirational collage? Yulegoat 12, what what.

Requests, further details, and how-to-finds below.


I love the whole crew, so ensemble fic would be great! The goofier the better, like the tone of the show; feel free to dip into time-honored cliches like bodyswap, groundhog day, and screwball comedy anything. Winston in particular needs more time to shine -- dude is clearly slightly off and fluctuates between extreme timidity and great moments of dramatic flair. Jess is sweet, Schmidt is brilliant, Cece needs more things to do, and Nick is, um, me. Shipwise, the cookie-giving episode gave me strange Nick/Schmidt emotions, but I also enjoyed Cece/Schmidt and didn't like how they broke up, aaand I would not say no to Jess/Cece or (although I know she's not nominated) Jess/Jules who was the besssst. (If you wanted to abandon everything else in this request and just write the epic tale of Jess and Jules falling in love I WOULD ACCEPT THAT.) And I can't say I hate Nick/Jess, either -- nor do I ship it -- there's just something very compelling about the the way they get under each other's skin and don't know what to do with each other, but are still willing to try.

If you ever watched How I Met Your Mother back when it was good -- Marshall/Ted was always something I had a lot of feelings about, most notably in the one-two punch of "Moving Day" and "Arrivederci, Fiero" as well as the time they planned being gay together in the robot apocalypse or something. New Girl is like the HIMYM for my generation in a lot of ways, and suddenly showing Nick and Schmidt in their college days (hilariously anachronistic for 2002, I might add) presses my Marshall/Ted buttons like whoa. And, as I mentioned, I see more of myself in Nick than anyone should be comfortable seeing themselves in an emotionally constipated curmudgeonly turtleface, though happily I appear to have fewer internalized homophobia issues. Anyway, but also with the Nick and Jess ass-shaking! And iT'S FOR RUSSELL. And the towels!!! Ah, okay, let's talk about not Nick for a minute:
  1. "Imma hit yo ass with a ski. Get some."
  2. Sometimes I just remember Winston trying to catch up on two years of viral videos in a day and crack up.
  3. Jess and Jules working out the tension of internalized misogyny/femmephobia and then clearly their UST and then clearly getting married while certain roommates lie facedown moaning on the couch
  4. Hair chut-en-ee. Kosher yog. Purim costumes.
If you are not familiar with New Girl, it's in its second season. Available on Hulu and also my favorite questionably legal streaming site, watchseries dot eu.



ALICIA/KALINDA. Somewhere in the third season, this show just stopped making sense to me if I didn't accept that Kalinda is in love with Alicia -- that Alicia is in fact the love of Kalinda's life. I know that to make this happen, you've got your work cut out for you -- Kalinda being at all forthcoming or simply seducing Alicia as she does with other ladies would be OOC, and Alicia just dropping her senseless commitment to Peter and accepting that her OTP should be with a woman would be jarring. But Alicia has a lot going on under the surface and I don't think gay panic suits her -- she has no interest in bullshit and as conservatively as she often acts, that's more of a shield than a set of inhibitions. I think Alicia would actually do pretty much anything if she wanted to or thought it was necessary. Sorry, this is more meta musing than a fic prompt! Basically, go as dark or sexy or political as you like; throw in Will (I enjoy Alicia/Will and I've thought about Alicia/Will/Kalinda, ngl) or Diane or Cary (it's okay if Cary crushes on Kalinda but no reciprocation please; I am also fond of the Cary-Alicia awkward friendship) or DANA!!! or any of Kalinda's ladyfriends as appropriate. My only musts are that you don't leave Kalinda in suffering hopeless defeat and that if the gross dudes like Nick who torment her must show up they lose big time.

Ah, The Good Wife. It's such a great show, except for when it's not. (Also when it deals with race, sadly.) I love Alicia being this completely pragmatic, unromantic soul; I love Kalinda's face and outfits and hoes in every area code; I love Josh Charles's dirty hot face; I love women over 35 being sexy and powerful, and I also love smart subtle people fucking on desks and up against walls. BUT MOST OF ALL I love that Kalinda is in love with Alicia -- it's not just my ship goggles anymore zomg even gross horrible Nick noticed her voice change on the phone -- and most of all I hate that Kalinda has become this suffering pillar of salt who has no joy in her life, who is tormented by this terrible guy and all these weirdos up in her grill, and is, you know, the QWOC in love with a straight girl! NOT RAD. I daydream of Alicia catching on to what's happening with Nick and just straight up murdering him for Kalinda and then they run off and become Thelma and Louise but gayer, but really writer, I trust you to make this be an actual story and not just me with socks on my hands. Go whatever direction you'd like to go in! I just want every dog to have her day, you know? P.S. Fuck Peter.

The Good Wife is in its fourth season; I recommend the first two a lot and not the third at all; the fourth is okay so far except for the awful abusive situation Kalinda's in. DVDs or piracy it is.



There are a few things I can't stand in stories: women being scapegoated/villainized, women being narratively screwed over, and women being pitted against each other. So it's always made me sad that all three happen to Caroline Bingley, and for a few glorious weeks on the LBD, I had a faint hope that this version of Caroline would escape -- she was friends with Lizzie! The original Caroline and Lizzie never liked each other, so maybe the outcome would also change? Alas, I have mostly given up those dreams, but we'll always have fic. Anything you would like to do to show Caroline as a full not-totally-evil person who deserves good things in her life, I would love to read. I think Caroline's side of the story is compelling -- she's grown up with Darcy, gets him, adores Gigi, has a great brother, and probably really likes both Jane and Lizzie to various degrees. Whether you wanted to go Caroline gen, younger days Caroline/Darcy, Caroline/Lizzie (there's a book called Gay Pride and Prejudice that pairs them and I'm SO EXCITED TO READ IT), or Caroline/Gigi, I'd be up for it all!

I don't have much to add here. Femslash, friendship (maybe mending fences after Lizzie/Darcy and Jane/Bing end up together), Darcy feelings, whatever you want -- just trust in Caroline's POV, rather than trying to "redeem" her or condemning her to the life of sad leftover ladydom canon does.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an ongoing webseries that retells Pride and Prejudice, mostly via youtube but also twitter and tumblr. You can catch up with the whole thing here



I am fascinated with Keila and would love to hear her story. Don't get me wrong, Marceline is my forever girl and Bubblegum is amazing and I adore Marceline/Bubblegum and in fact pretty much everything about the comic (+ Adventure Time!), but the fact that she's the only brown-skinned character in the 'verse and the only other vampire we know make me want to know more about her! What does punk rock mean to her? How does she fit into this world? How do AT vampires work? What does SHE eat, since it doesn't seem to be red? How old is she? Did she see the Mushroom War? Do she and Marcy go way back? Do they even like each other? Feel free to go as wide in scope as you want, worldbuilding is GREAT, and as many other AT characters and threads as you feel like squeezing in are welcome!

I don't really participate in fandom for the most part, but if anything is my "main fandom," it's definitely Adventure Time. The show is pretty much my jam, and since the comics focus on my favorite character, favorite relationship, and my favorite topics (I was a teenage punk rocker; I cried five times watching The Runaways) -- ultrajam. So really you can't go wrong, either by sticking strictly to the comics and Keila, or by just incorporating her into a larger Adventure Time story. Another thing that's my jam is lady vampires, although in Adventure Time vampire tropes are frequently subverted or flat-out ignored, which is intriguing to me. Are they a species that reproduces normally, or are they turned? Were Keila and Marceline ever human? What does Keila do when she's not on tour? There's just so many questions and directions you could go. I didn't nominate Bongo or Guy because I didn't realize they'd be important, which they kind of are in the comics, but pfffft to Bubblegum/Guy anyway you can ignore or just handwave as appropriate.

If you feel like incorporating a lot of non-comic Adventure Time canon, I'll list some of my favorite things to get you started: Princess Bubblegum as morally questionable mad scientist witch, everything mytharcky, Princess Cookie :(, Princess Monster Wife, Simon Petrikov, Jake in general, the way AT characters talk, BMO being cute and genderfree, LSP being the best, every princess ever, singing!!, and of course Finn and Fionna.

Adventure Time has over 100 episodes, but don't worry, they're all 11 minutes long and can almost all be found on mastertoons dot com; the first season is also on DVD as are three random collections of episodes (those DVDs are called My Two Favorite People, It Came From the Nightosphere and Jake vs. Me-Mow). I have made (and am still updating/refining) a handy-dandy episode guide tool with which you can narrow down criteria for who is in what episode and when crucial plot points happened! Marceline and the Scream Queens is an ongoing 6-part comic by Meredith Gran of which 4 issues have been published. I know there are scans of the first issue up but I haven't seen any for the others -- luckily, issues cost like three bucks and can be ordered online so it's not a huge investment.

Let's see, is that it? Feel free to browse all my online presences ([ profile] anygoddamnedcolleen, [ profile] beatricks, [ profile] TrisB, and my old LJs are archived at [personal profile] allbackups) and harass my friends and if all else fails, make shit up. Just have fun, okay?

Thank you!


tris b.