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noblealice ([personal profile] noblealice) wrote in [personal profile] allchildren 2012-09-16 11:42 pm (UTC)

Dividing up my fannish life is very weird. I used to use my LJ as a one-stop shop for all my interests and then lately started compartmentalizing everything so I have a fannish tumblr and a feminism tumblr, a fannish twitter and a RL twitter, I was even thinking of creating a brand new outlet for all my thoughts on hockey because I don't want to spam my friends with opinions they don't care about. But recently it's like I'm spread too thin and I wish I could go back to having one secret website. It's just that people seem to use social media sites for their professional lives now and I feel too ashamed to interact with those using my fangirl-filled accounts.

for the meme: Toph/Sokka - pretending to be married/dating

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