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Amy Ponds of the 99% ([personal profile] allchildren) wrote2010-12-25 01:39 am
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Yayyyy, Yuletide!

You guys. I GOT BONNIE/CAROLINE FIC! ~FUCK YEAAAAAAH~ It's all MEATY (BLOODY, even) and FEELINGSY and oh my god this Caroline is amazeballs. SO GOOD. Read it read it and comment, my writer is great and should feel great! :DDDD


The fic that I wrote is up, too (OMG MY RECIPIENT SEEMS TO LIKE IT?! *bites lip*) and obvs I cannot tell you what it is, but I will say that while in the past I was confident none of my friends would even read, let alone identify, my fic, I have no such assurance this year. So if you'd like to guess what fic I wrote, comments will be screened and I will reward correct guesses with the drabble of your choice.

Ah. What do I normally do with my hands? What will life be like without the stress of this project (so much work! like, AWESOME stress because omg best assignment ever, but still, stress) hanging over me? You mean, I get to roll around in other people's stories now? I get to plan the ridiculous commentary for this, and last year's Yuletide too while I'm at it? All of this, and Hipster Who too??

Baby Jesus, you scoundrel.

Happy Saturday, everyone. <3

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