Mar. 1st, 2015

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Hello! Do you like... CARTOONS? How about shoujo and shounen? Old school video games? Adventure Time? Stories that make you feel warm inside? Good news! Steven Universe exists, and you get to watch it.

Steven Universe is a short-format cartoon created by Rebecca Sugar, who formerly storyboarded many of the best and most musical episodes of Adventure Time (Marceline just isn't the same without her). Like AT, it airs in 11 minute episodes on Cartoon Network and is artist driven, meaning the same person storyboards the art and writes the dialogue. It is, however, an unrelated show with a completely different vibe. While Adventure Time has an obvious dark side and deals in post-apocalyptic absurdity, Steven Universe is more goofy than absurd and has a lot more hope to it, which makes it feel younger and fluffier. But while Adventure Time's backstory and mytharc has slowly trickled in over two hundred episodes, Steven Universe is deceptively plotty -- even when it doesn't seem that way. There is a fascinating, emotional, and suspenseful story being told in perfect puzzle pieces, making it the show I am now most excited to watch each week for what new revelations will follow. Currently there are just over 40 episodes, with dozens more coming down the pipe.

"He pushed me to be really honest and to write cartoons like they're poetry."

- Rebecca Sugar on working with Pendleton Ward


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