Dec. 21st, 2009

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Thank agod the archive is at AO3 this year -- editing! So much editing I will do! I WOULD SAY I CAN'T WAIT but what I actually can't wait for is to watch Survivor and more DS9 and walk my dog and make a mix CD and be a normal person for like a day before going back in to fix my mess of a fic. (Hijinks, you guys. Hijinks.)

Also, just fyi, anyone with an AO3 account can participate in Yuletide Madness this year! Thousands of prompts enter, bonus fics of any size leave. Fun for all. :D

So, for those Yuletide Madness-ers, and for the pinch hitter who will probably end up with my initial request as all signs indicate (eta: or maybe not?! the signs are liars, man, whatever I AIN'T COMPLAINING) my original writer deadline-defaulted, here is my Yuletide letter! And, like. I know I come across as completely fucking nuts in that thing. I know it goes on forever and is probably terrifying. But probable pinch-hitter, I just want you to know that I'm actually pretty chill, and I just want some fic about some girls and/or dudes being awesome, and anything else that is or isn't there is just peachy. <3333

P.S. deeeee esssssss ninnnnnnnnnne
P.P.S. I am having so much fun on Tumblr lately, you guys! Come play.

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